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You are the pirate that lived very peaceful life, robbing and destroying normal people's ships, getting drunk every day with your crew after the successful battle and having no worries at all since everyone is scared of you. 
Well not everyone. There are holy crusaders that are not afraid even death. But who would expect to meet crusaders in the middle of the ocean...

I guess today is not your lucky day...

GAME:  link


We released Cube Orbit, a unique 3D game that combines classical match of three with arcade and real-time elements. Constantly changing level goals, random layouts, powerups, and a upgrade system keep players engaged through over 150 levels. Free-to-play with opt-in ads, iOS and Android. You’ll find references to all stores, the presskit, homepage, etcs below.


Full presskit (lots of icons, banner, screenshots, texts), Trailer (Youtube)

Type: Mobile/Touch 3D Free-to-Play Casual Game Genre: Match-3, Casual, Arcade-ish Name: Cube Orbit Developer: Markus Scheidgen (Cube Monster Games) Platforms: iOS, Android Store Links: Apple App StoreGoogle Play StoreAmazon Released: 2017/Mar/12 Price/Monitization: Free, reward ads, no IAP Media/Screenshots: Single assets here or download whole package here (55MB) Homepage Contact/Business inqueries or @mscheidgen

Cube Orbit is a 3D real time tactical color match game. Plan ahead to forge awesome color combos. Make split second decisions before your angle fades and the clock expires. Adjust your tactics to defeat increasingly complex levels with four alternating mission goals. Enjoy cubical aesthetics full of colors, effects, and a fitting 8-bit sound design.

My latest game Overdive is now out on Android! It’s a retro-inspired arcade mobile game in which you catch fish, dodge torpedoes and punch sharks with boxing gloves.

Overdive is the first full game to come out of my 1GAW project, where I create one game prototype a week. After the prototype was rather well-received I decided to flesh it out and expand it, and the result is now available for you to play! So go check it out, rate it and spread the word!

Okay, so I know I am really bad about posting in this blog once a week. Unfortunately, my job has once again gotten in the way. Since my job is my only source of income, it's the one paying the bills. Enough of that for now!

I have made a little progress on Final Defender. Within the past couple of days, I have got a lot of art work done for the cut scene. Once I have the art work done, I can hard code it into the game. I also think that it would kind of cool idea to make a trailer for the game. By making a trailer, I would be venturing into uncharted territory. However, making one would be a great learning experience.

I still plan on having my late August deadline for the game's release. I feel that there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel now. There is still a lot of art work to be done as well. Unfortunately, that is all the time I have for now, I'm not sure if I can keep to the one post a week. However, I will continue to post regularly. Feel free to follow us on Twitter @wolfnetstudios because we follow back! Also, check out our website! Until next time guys, peace!

Oh no, your space ship is being overrun by alien blobs! Slip into the non-too-comfortable space suit of Spaceman Steve and take care of the menace!

However, since Steve is only equipped with a magnet gun that doesn’t harm enemies, you’ll have to get creative…oh, and the gun is permanently stuck on 'pull'. Hope that's not a problem?

Spaceman Steve in: Boxtermination is a very fast-paced and tough arcade platformer/shooter created for the first official Kongregate game jam. Shoot the metal box with your magnet gun to attract it and squash enemies. If you get multiple enemies in a row you get a combo bonus. But don’t get squashed yourself! Powerups increase the power of your gun or turn you into a ghost for a limited amount of time.

The game is playable right now in your browser, so hop on by and try your hand at the high score!

Hey everybody! My new arcade game is on android right now.

In the Swimming Teddybears you have to tap on little teddybears in order to rescue them from the water. Then they jump on a rescue wheel and you get your points. Maybe it sounds funny, but the game is also funny so that is right! Let's play!

This is Black Blade Trailer. The game just released on Google, Amazon, Windows, BlackBerry and Apple stores. It would be so cool if you check out the game and say what you think about it.

Black Blade remember everyone old-school arcade action racing game from 80-90’s with hardcore gameplay.

Android Windows Store BlackBerry iPhone/iPad/AppleTV

kanodhome Apr 4 '16 · Tags: action, arcade, game, kanodhome, racing

Hello All !!

We are a small Indie studio in Buffalo, NY, and we just got done working on our driving simulator with a special twist, it's called DistractionAWTH!

DistractionAWTH is a driving simulator that tracks whether or not you are paying attention to the road while constantly trying to distract you. Of course every time you do get distracted something bad happens down the road, and you lose points for every accident.

Check out this short trailer it explains it all...

Set in a fun environment, our game is a lighthearted take on a serious matter, which is to promote safe undistracted driving.

This game was built originally for the Oculus VR, which if coupled with a gaming wheel would give you a fully immersive simulation experience (It is like an arcade on your PC!). The game was later made to be played with or without the OVR device and with any peripheral combination (Keyboard , Mouse, Controller, or Gaming Wheel).

Please visit our page for more info, download and give the page a go, comment or drop us a line let us know what you thought of the game, your feedback is very important to us.

You can get the game for FREE today on . Please like our page on FB, follow us on twitter, and share our links, as that would be even bigger and better support to our studio.

We hope you have a fun experience playing our game, and remember,

Drive safe, avoid distractions, because around every corner, there could be Accidents Waiting To Happen

Welcome to Jettycat Towers, where the cats are pink and the towers are dangerous!

Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is simple: Take control of JettyCat and fly through 3 towers with your jetpack. Sounds easy? Well, it's not, because you can't touch any of the walls while doing so! Oh, and there's also buzz saws, lasers, blocks, turrets and other obstacles. You shouldn't touch those either.

The game was built for mobile and features intuitive controls: Tap the left side of the screen to go left, tap the right side to go right, tap both at the same time to go straight up. That's all you need to make your way through the 30+ levels this game offers. Well, that and good reflexes.

The game is almost finished, I am currently ironing out the final bugs and implementing the last feedback from playtesters. If everything goes according to plan, the game will hit the Google Play store at the end of March. Ports for Amazon Fire and iOS are also in the works; stay tune for more updates regarding those.

And to finish things off: Please enjoy the game's trailer!


Tap bubbles to expand them and burst other bubbles. Chain 3 or more together to trigger combos

and fill up your Supo meter. When the meter is full, tap it to release its power and clear the stage.



CalculatorGames Mar 10 '16 · Tags: action, ios, arcade
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