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Just one more week of hell exams and I'm out of here! A free man at last, ready to take on the world and prove a lot of people wrong. Crazy forces are at work, keeping me away from Unity and working on the game at all. Things like car tags, crashing laptops, and exam cramming won't be enough to stop me completely though.

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TonyYotes May 3 '16 · Tags: college, devlog, student, study
Version 4.5 was supposed to be up today...

     This one's a minor update with some bug fixes, new sprites, new text box system, and full gamepad/keyboard support. It's a sort of halfway point between the last version and the big jump to version 5 (where the game starts looking real). Too bad the gamepad control functionality is acting up. Now whenever a menu pops up, the game gets confused as to what the button presses do and locks you into a certain screen, making the game unplayable.

     As always, when the game is ready it'll be up on I'm betting the bugs can be squashed by the time final exams are over and I can concentrate on it. I'm kinda drowning in last minute projects and cram sessions, so programming this game an hour at a time isn't getting me very far.

Look forward to the 4.5 update in early May.

TonyYotes May 3 '16 · Tags: delay, devlog, prealpha

     I made a Game Jam title this weekend about a mermaid with a monster mouth that eats smaller fish. And yes, the text in the logo is a mashup of Hungry Howie's, The Little Mermaid, and Viral Hunger. The theme was Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

     I woke up that morning with the vision of some kind of game involving mermaids and Fish Feaster with Shantae style graphics. I managed to make that random dream fit with the theme by adding elements of escalating difficulty and humor.

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TonyYotes Apr 26 '16 · Tags: devlog, mermaid, gamejam, college

Getting pretty excited about graduating so soon, but with that comes the pressure of finishing these last few exams with top grades to make sure nothing goes wrong. Nightmare scenario would be the surprise failure of a class and having to take a summer course. To make sure I get out of here alive, I'll need to cut out some dev time to "study" (memorize answers to questions in the short-term so I can regurgitate them in a couple weeks, like a good little student).

After all this madness... Freedom is so close. Check out this week's madness with the link below.

Meet Derpzee. This pony is very clumsy, but has great potential. Think of her as a mix between Derpy from MLP, and Slaking or Magikarp from Pokemon because that's what I thought of when designing her. There's nothing set in stone about Derpzee just yet, but I just had to share something silly for April Fool's Friday.

Hope you look forward to meeting her in the final game.  :p

Get more details on this pony on the Battle Gem Ponies Blog.

TonyYotes Apr 1 '16 · Tags: devlog, pony, character, bio

I decided to push back the release date of Battle Gem Ponies to give Pokemon Sun & Moon more room. I could use some extra time anyway. Expect it next March! 



     Spring break's over and I spent a lot more time relaxing than I thought I would. It's officially mid-March and demo 4 still isn't ready. Time to get serious. Take an hour off sleep, quicker showers, quicker meals, and less YouTube with friends. The next BGP demo needs to be ready to play in time for the My Little Pony season premiere weekend (March 26).

     Funny enough, that day also happens to be the next 12 hour game jam date. A nice reward for a fierce crunch on this years-long project. 

TonyYotes Mar 15 '16 · Tags: crunchtime, crunch, rpg, devlog

     Battle Gem Ponies features are being scratched off my task list one-by-one. Some features like dynamic text reading, special battle move effects, stat buffs, and special NPC interactions will have to wait for the next demo. I have outlines for how they work in code and I have tested many parts of those features, but putting all those pieces together and testing them as a whole is going to take at least a week. I want demo 4 out by March 18th (week after Spring Break), so there's some higher priority stuff to get out before then.

     My school's BYOC game design expo is coming up on April 9th and I need a polished build to show to strangers one last time before BronyCon. That demo needs to be awesome and include basic multiplayer and special battle mechanics. It's a lot to handle in a single month, so I'm hoping Spring Break gets me ahead of schedule by a decent amount.

Get the rest on the official development blog.

It’s March now! New Pokemon games were announced! And on top of all that I need $3000 to start presenting my game at expos like MAGfest! I gotta hurry this up a bit if I want a demo out before the 15th…

It’s March now! New Pokemon games were announced! And on top of all that I need $3000 to start presenting my game at expos like MAGfest! I gotta hurry this up a bit if I want a demo out before the 15th…

TonyYotes Mar 1 '16 · Tags: brony, devlog, gamedev, indie, magfest, pony, rpg

     MAGfest is this week!! Gotta get ready! Gotta shake hands! Gotta meet more of my internet idols! It'll be a hectic week of prep and snowstorms over here at Penn College, but the happy times are right down the road. This time around, the excitement of running a panel has been replaced with coming up with a good 1-Hour Game Jam idea. If it's anything like BronyCon, I'm in for a huge morale boost and a ton of priceless memories.

Take a look at the state of Yotes Games!

TonyYotes Feb 16 '16 · Tags: devlog, rpg, magfest, student
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