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Follow the colors to crack the code. Defuse the bomb before you explode!

This is a quick bomb defusal challenge - you choose the complexity. Work out which colors connect where and enter the code to disarm the bomb. It's a blast, literally!

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CalculatorGames Oct 27 '16 · Tags: puzzle, ios, game, free, explode, bomb

Since earth worms don't like to read long texts:




We just finished our first game and would love your opinion on it (it's free of course): SpaceWorms is a game for 2 to 5 players (on a single computer) in which you launch rockets, conquer new planets, gather way too powerful upgrades, and shout at each other.
You play the game in turns (with real-time space rage), starting with an underdeveloped planet full of puny little worms in an overkrauted (we are from Wormany) solar system. Since rockets promise more fun than diplomacy (take that, Civilization!), you bomb each other to worm hell (except "wormagnostics") until only one worm people remains. But beware: These rockets will be influenced by the old nemesis of all what is worm: gravitilation(it's squared!). Choose your angle and initial speed wisely, for only then you will be the last worm crawling.

Do you have what it takes (at least one friend) to become ruler of all that is Worm?

Welcome to the small and fun Kingdom of Dwarfs!

You will meet with Milla and Marty, who need your help. With Marty, you can fix the bench and fence in their small courtyard and plant flowers with Milla. After some hard work, you can treat Marty and cook him a delicious pizza. Help Milla with her make-up and then get her dressed so she can look her best! Don’t forget to take care of their cute pet snail that needs some attention and to be fed.

Now you can get this beautiful game in: Google Play,  iTunes  and Amazon

Enjoy this fun game «Sweet Little Dwarfs 2» and do not forget to leave us a review if you like it!

Thank you very mach! 

There are only a limited number of spaces available in this busy parking lot. You will need to guide cars into parking spaces by drawing a path with your finger, then off screen when they leave.

It's a simple but addictively fun mechanic: park the cars, but don't crash.

There are 4 different scenarios, each with different vehicles, obstacles and challenges, including the complete classic game.

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CalculatorGames May 19 '16 · Tags: free, game, ios, path, car

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Boost your IQ with this pattern matching challenge.



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A third-person platform jumping game in virtual reality? A fresh arrival on the App Store proves it’s a hit!


In today era of virtual reality’s rebirth everyone is wondering: what kind of experiences are most suitable for a comfortable VR experience? While seemingly most fitting first-person-perspective shooters turned out to be a number one headache activators, the Polish developer Tom Graczyk proposes a third-person-perspective position in his freshly released title Space Box: The Journey out of the Box. Originally developed for a “normal mode” this 3D puzzle platformer turns out it was meant to be a VR game. When placing an iPhone into any VR googles all Space Box’s platforms’ positions seem a lot clearer with a stereoscopic view and ability to look around makes puzzles more pleasurable. Guiding the main character without any hands controller, but only by the head movement provides a vivid platform-style action right before your eyes – not in your brain causing unpleasant nausea. The amount of interface boiled down to a minimum also adds to a pleasant virtual reality experience. 


Looks like “thinking outside the box” in terms of a VR experience has given a new meaning to the message of Space Box. You can a look at the game in action here:



Experience it right now for free from the App Store!



About the developer:

Tom Graczyk is an indie games developer and a retro games fan since the 8-bit games era. Made his first games on ZX Spectrum. Every title is made by himself – whether it's about coding, graphics or composing music.


Official website:

A 3D puzzle platformer for iPhone and iPad that challenges your 3D orientation skills like nothing before, uniquely mixing Fez’s world twisting with Angry Birds’ jumping physics. Probably the first VR platformer for iPhone. Asking one of the most important questions in everybody’s life: “Can you cross your limits?

Play on your iPhone/iPad for free! 


Brief Description: Move colored segments around the circle to form matching groups. Challenge your mind and battle against the clock, earning time and points every time you link matching segments, or just practice at your leisure with infinity mode.


CalculatorGames Dec 6 '15 · Tags: free, game, ios, puzzle, cromis, match
Tappy Golf     Available now for free!   iTunes Link:   Brief Description: Tappy Golf is the most easy, fun and addicting golf game you'll ever play!   Procedurally generated holes means an infinite number of golf holes that are different every time you play! Just tap the screen to stop the aiming arrow. That's it!    The arrow gets faster the better you do. * NO in-app purchases * NEVER watch an add unless you want to. * Lots of golfers and courses to unlock. * Leaderboards for Overall Scores and Under-Par Streaks
Action937 Nov 30 '15 · Tags: free, ios, tappy, golf, golfer, voxel

Rolling Jump - Addictive runner game

Help Lighty save the light of the world by escaping from the dark evil creatures in this incredibly FUN and ADDICTING game! Simply jump from each wheel up into the sky and stars to protect the light of the world.

Official website:

Download the game on the AppStore.

Trailer :

In Rolling Jump, your goal is to help the hero, Lighty, jump up into the sky and away from the dark evil creatures as fast as possible.


Learn secrets of the game like double tapping, jumping onto walls, and discover how to attain the rainbow path to help Lighty save the light of the world, and ultimately prove his worth.

•    7 levels to discover the stars
•    Increasing difficulty and real challenge for the hardcore gamers
•    Multiply your score x10 with perfect jumps
•    Get a Boost bonus after eating suns and reach the space faster!
•    Get stars to increase the score multiplier
•    "Slime" wheels that bump Lighty
•    Avoid the air-ballons that won't let you jump on a new wheel
•    Use wall to bounce and reach upper wheels
•    Compete in a worldwide ranking via Game Center
•    Compare your score with your friends and challenge them!
•    Cute retina graphics

Get in touch with the Rolling Jump fans on the Facebook page:





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