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Get your hooves on the newest version of the Pokemon inspired game about bejeweled horse altercations today! Battle Gem Ponies available for AndroidPC, Mac, and now Linux platforms!

This game works with touchscreens, mice/keyboard setups, and gamepads alike (and if not, tell me in the Bug Report Forums). Next update (6.0) will feature tons of little touches and activities to do in the overworld as well as a bunch of new ponies to battle with and capture. Thanks for keeping up with the game's development and enjoy playing BGP Demo 5.1!

You can download the latest BGP Build on!

Okay, so I know I am really bad about posting in this blog once a week. Unfortunately, my job has once again gotten in the way. Since my job is my only source of income, it's the one paying the bills. Enough of that for now!

I have made a little progress on Final Defender. Within the past couple of days, I have got a lot of art work done for the cut scene. Once I have the art work done, I can hard code it into the game. I also think that it would kind of cool idea to make a trailer for the game. By making a trailer, I would be venturing into uncharted territory. However, making one would be a great learning experience.

I still plan on having my late August deadline for the game's release. I feel that there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel now. There is still a lot of art work to be done as well. Unfortunately, that is all the time I have for now, I'm not sure if I can keep to the one post a week. However, I will continue to post regularly. Feel free to follow us on Twitter @wolfnetstudios because we follow back! Also, check out our website! Until next time guys, peace!

Hi guys,

I would like to present you my first game! It's a simple casual game and I really appreciate if you play it and share with me feedback to improve my project. It's totally free and without ADS, so enjoy it!

Here Mad Match: Space, the first expansion of Mad Match stage in the space. Find the pairs of figures from more than 25 unique and colorful images. It sounds easy but it never is!

* +25 Unique space-themed figures
* 5 different ways to tackle the game
* Schemes always new and never repeated
* Audible and Visual Effects
* Beat your records and challenge your friends

Mad Match: Space is FREE!!!

NOTE: I am an independent developer and a video game fans like you! If you like this game, currency and leave comments. The support of each of you is crucial to improve and enhance the development of the game.
If you have suggestions or critics please contact me via email at and we can talk about them.

Follow development of the game on my personal Twitter account @SergioTosi88

Have fun with Mad Match: Space! - LINK TO GOOGLE PLAY

I have uploaded a new version.. Enjoy it! Feel free to share it ;) THANKS

NEWS v1.1
New time system during the game session
Corrections Tutorial and bug fixes
Added Google Play Game Service System:
* 10 Goals to unlock
* 5 Charts to compete with your friends and share scores!

Yeah, last week, things got a little crazy. Fortunately, it was work related and not game related. Unfortunately, this put a damper on what I wanted to get done with the game. However, full steam ahead! I have been doing a lot of work on getting the story line incorporated into the game. When I first began developing the game, I already had the story line figured out. However, I wanted to get the actual gameplay functioning first before actually putting it into the game. Now that the game is functioning, work on the cut scenes must begin! I hope to be posting sneak peaks of the cut scenes on Twitter and Google+ within the next couple of weeks. See you soon!

Follow us on Twitter: @wolfnetstudios

Follow us on Google+:

Cat Cave was my second self-published title, but it was actually a lot of first for me. It was my first endless runner. It was my first 2D game. It was the first time I formed a team to work on one of my ideas (I found an artist, a sound designer, and a second programmer). It was the first time I attempted a port to iOS. And the second release of Cat Cave was the first time I took promotion really seriously.



I've learned a lot from the games I have released so far, but I think the most valuable thing I have learned is you can never do too much work when it's something you care about. As a single cat mamma, I have no human children, and no husband (or wife) to take care of, so my games are really like my children - I look forward to leaving work in the evenings so I can go home and spend time with them. And I feel guilty any time I have a spare moment that I choose not to spend with them.


To some this may seem like an unhealthy obsession, but for me the things I make are the strongest justification for my existence.


In total, I estimate that I invested around 120 hours into the development of Cat Cave. I wish I had kept more thorough track, but I believe the breakdown went something like this:


First Release

 - Development - 30 hours

 - Project Management - 10 hours

 - Promotion - 10 hours

Second Release (Major Update)

 - iOS Port - 15 hours

 - Development - 15 hours

 - Project Management (including running beta test) - 10 hours

 - Promotion - 30 hours


I promoted Cat Cave on Twitter ( @moarKitties) and on the Subreddit 'Android Gaming' ( We also added a Facebook "share" button in the game for whenever you get a high score, but from what I can tell that feature was not much used. My next move, which is in-the-works, is to find reviewers/streamers to play Cat Cave. If anyone reading this posted is a streamer or reviewer please get in touch with me!


Another valuable lesson I learned is the importance of building hype. Don't release your game the day it is finished. And don't wait until it is finished to start talking about it. Talk about it all the time while you are making it. Pick a tentative release date far in the future. When you finish your game, get everything confirmed, and get it approved by all of the powers that be, THEN confirm your release date at least several days in advance. Then you must WAIT. Don't do anything to break the game. Don't do anything to put it in jeopardy on whatever platform you publish to. Don't let your anxious fans convince you to release it early. Just wait. And keep talking about it.


Speaking of which, here are the download links for Cat Cave, which is now available free on Google Play and iTunes!




Promo page:


Thanks for playing!

     As of this moment I am officially a college graduate! I got the paper, did the walk and everything! No more classes, no more graded assignments, no more classes, no more boring lectures, and best of all, all the time in the world to work on building up Yotes Games!

     I've reached the point where school can be addressed in past tense. I can finally proudly proclaim that I have graduated in 2016 with a degree in Gaming & Simulation at the Pennsylvania College of Technology! This is the transition point where I become a legit adult with incredible freedom and backbreaking responsibility. I'll be tackling these life challenges similar to how I've always done before. With determination, critical thinking, and a reliable moral compass.

Once Battle Gem Ponies is out, I can take that next big step toward the happy life I imagined since high school... Saving up for a place of my own.

TonyYotes May 15 '16 · Tags: college, gamedev, graduate

It’s March now! New Pokemon games were announced! And on top of all that I need $3000 to start presenting my game at expos like MAGfest! I gotta hurry this up a bit if I want a demo out before the 15th…

It’s March now! New Pokemon games were announced! And on top of all that I need $3000 to start presenting my game at expos like MAGfest! I gotta hurry this up a bit if I want a demo out before the 15th…

TonyYotes Mar 1 '16 · Tags: brony, devlog, gamedev, indie, magfest, pony, rpg

A look at some of the temp sun faction unit production icons for the production bar that will be used until the final polished ones are finished.

A look at some of the temp sun faction unit production icons for the production bar that will be used until the final polished ones are finished.

Hello, This is our first post here. A quick intro about us: We are Modulus. We love developing games, its our passion. We are pretty much new but hope to evolve soon. We are so excited working on "Roached" from past few weeks. It's been amazing. We are set to release it this week.

Here we want you guys to know about our main character Roach in his own words.

"Hello, Mee Rambo Roach. I stay in the pipe at Mr.Perks Basement. Mr.Perks, hee a good man you knou, I see him everyday, hee like noodles, that’s what hee eats and I too eat noodles that hee flush down the sink in his kitchen to where my pipe is connected. It’s a small world you knou.

Bad things happen you knou. Mr.Perks is dead. The white coat man say hee dead because hee fat and no go outta house. Poor Mr.Perks. I no more get noodles you knou. Only cheese cake. Mrs.Perks eat lot of it. The white collar man asked Mrs.Perks to run and go outta house or she too dead like poor Mr.Perks. But she no run nor go out.

Mee poor Roach oughtta listen to white collar man. I go outta my pipe and run now or mee too dead likeMr.Perks.

But life no easy peasy for a Roach you knou. I go outta my pipe to run and shed some pounds. I get a lotta foes out there. So I carry this gun. That fly my enemy you knou. So I kill it before it kill me.

The repellent attack me, I only dodge ‘em. And those stinking bins, I hate ‘em. I jump and cross ‘em. Good exercise you knou.

But me oughtta eat cake else I no jump. Poor mee.

Smoking.. Aah.. A deadly habit. It kills you knou.

I no give up. I run and run and run to be fit, slim and trim.

I be in play store and app store on this Monday 30th November you knou.

Get me in your phone and together be Roached!"

So that is Mr.Roach. Will be sharing our development and design journey here and also will be soon releasing our trailer video. Stay tuned and stay Roached! :)

Follow our blog here and follow @modulus_soft for more exciting updates.

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