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Following our recent chat and stream with the Average Giants we got invited to talk on the Sam and Skatch show on WASDradion.  They have posted the podcast now following the live show so those that missed our live talk can give a listen now!

Checkout our interview about DOTS RTS and Indiegogo campaign on WASDradio, starts at around 27:20

The indiegogo is now at 23% check out our interview then check out the funding campaign.




Disciples Of The Storm kickstarter Makes it on #indiegamemag

barnEbiss Jun 30 '15 · Tags: rts, kickstarter, games

MAJOR UPDATE: Storm Isle Productions has confirmed matched funding from a game industry insider up of $50k if they can successfully reach their initial Kickstarter goal pushing them to $100,000 which will ensure that production can continue beyond the first release with features and content. However they will need the help of the old Netstorm and Kickstarter community to make the initial $50,000.


REMINDER: This Kickstarter begins Tuesday, June 23, 2015.


Storm Isle Productions Launches New Kickstarter Campaign


Following the success of being greenlit on Steam, my team at Storm Isle Productions is once again asking the faithful fans of Netstorm: Islands at War and fans of RTS games for help on our spiritual successor Disciples of the Storm.


After a year of regrouping and a solid focus on producing new content for DOTS, from unit models and new building designs, we are pleased to announce a re-launch on Kickstarter with the hopes that our new following from the Netstorm community and the greenlight on Steam will help push us forward to a successful Kickstarter.


During the Kickstarter, our developers will be releasing glimpses of new content that the team has been working on behind the scenes for the Kickstarter. Disciples of the Storm’s newly launched Kickstarter can be found


This Kickstarter will launch Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015.


What is Disciples of the Storm?

Disciples Of The Storm is a fast past RTS that sets players against each other in a bitter fight to the death in a kill or be killed fantasy world. Players will gain territory of shattered, floating islands as they seek to capture and slay the enemy tribe’s high priest while advancing their tribe toward their goal of total domination in an attempt to appease their god.


Construct temples along with attack and defense units from workshops, deploy a lattice of bridges linking the floating islands to gain more ground and resources forming the lifeblood of a player's expanding empire of islands.



Facebook, Company Page:

Facebook, Group Page:


Kickstarter Page:



About Us

Storm Isle Productions is an indie dev team from the East Coast with a solid group of talent. Talent such as the art directors from the original Netstorm: Islands at War, Morgan Ogburn and Beverly Garland (Beverly also worked on the Ultima series). They also brought in head coder, Nathan Fabian formerly from inXile Entertainment who worked on Torment: Tides of Numenera and a dedicated art team from Polywick Studios behind the animation and effect. NetStorm co-creator and founder of Kongregate, Jim Greer is also along for the ride.

We are Rolling Games company and we are happy to introduce you the new mobile game called “Quadrex”.
This is the puzzle game that offers the unique gameplay mechanics, perfect graphics design and a huge amount of levels.
This game is similar to the mix of sliding tile puzzle game and the Rubik’s Cube.

Game description:
You have the game field with square tiles and the picture below that is made of those squares. Something like pixel image, but with big-big pixels.
Tiles on the game field are shuffled. You need to repeat that picture. But it’s not that straightforward. The tile blocks are grouped into rows and columns, so, you can move them only in four directions – up, down, left and right.
Besides, rows and columns are cyclic. It means that, when you move the line of tiles to the edge of the gaming field the last tile hides and shows up on the opposite side.
You have the opportunity to change the number of elements in the row or column by one. For that purpose, there are free cells between tiles.
For better understanding where the element has to stand, that specific locations are marked with dots. The color of the dot is the same as the color of the tile.

There are eight packages of levels. Each package contains the plenty of levels grouped by the size of the game field (e. g. 5x5 or 6x6 tiles) and the color of tiles. The monochrome and multi-colored sets are available.
Despite the controls are quite understandable, the tutorial is also provided. 
The player’s goal is to complete the level in the minimum number of moves as quickly as possible.
After finishing the level, the gamer is able to share his/her results via Facebook or to look through the other players’ ratings. The more levels are completed, the higher the rating is.
For diversity-lovers there are different background themes, so, it is possible to choose the best. Quadrex is the multi-language game, thus people from different countries are able to join this unique puzzle.

What differentiates Quadrex:
Quadrex offers the unique gameplay mechanics, perfect graphics design and a huge amount of levels (1500).
Due to various sets of levels with different sizes of the game field, varicolored tile blocks and increasing complexity of levels you will never get bored with this game.
Quadrex develops personal skills such as savvy and attentiveness. It also allows studying the simplified models, so, you can find the way out of the most difficult situations by means of the game.
These skills will help you to cope with complicated situations in the real life because you will be already prepared for them.

– unique gameplay;
– 1500 levels, grouped by specific sets;
– compete with Facebook friends;
– convenient tutorial;
– various graphic themes.

Release Date: March 12, 2015.
Developer: Rolling Games.
Price: FREE.
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).
Audience: 4+
Available in App Store:


We were also involved in development of the zombie apocalypse game "Rising of the living dead",
hill climbing game "Mountain Climb Hill Racing",

racinggame "High Speed: Drag Racing GP",
ski-adventure game “Crazy Yeti”,
the space control game “Star Lander”,
the word guessing game “ElcomSafe”,
match3 puzzles “LolySoap” and “
Confettis2” etc.




A few days ago Storm Isle Productions released a preview image of the kickstarters funding goal image of the aimed for development funding that we will be pushing for on our kickstarter to launch on June 23rd, in the kickstarter goal image we had a little teaser image at the top of islands in the background, we have gotten a few comments from people asking when we would release a larger version of that image, well wait no longer today we are pleased to release that image which is one of the planned loading screens in-game.

We have more teasers we will be releasing but only once the kickstarter launches.

After talking over the development team and with advice from others it has been decided the Kickstarter will launch June 23rd which will mean we will not be running the campaign and trying to compete scrabbling for coverage during E3 when the news will be flooded with news coming out of E3, the first week of a kickstarter are very important and it can make or break a projects chance of being funded and we need all the coverage we can get from sites once we launch..

As of now everything is in place and we are reaching out to media sites and those helping us with getting word out and doing news posting on prepping for the 23rd when we go live, while we are waiting for the 23rd we will be doing media buildup going into the launch.

DS Drop Update 1.1 Approved and Ready for Sale!
Time for the Shameless Promotion!

Snag it here >>

What's new in 1.1?

  • Now powered by Unity5!
  • Freebie Reward Timers and Bang (!) indicators to direct you to sexy menu items that are likely interesting.
  • Combat balancing changes to ease in players new to the genre.

DS Drop - Monsters are on their way! Time to draw the line!

DS Drop is physics based, matching, RPG, puzzle game. Skill stones tumble down into a messy pile filling the board. Your job is to connect lines of stones to heal yourself, unleash massive area effect damage, strike down your enemy with a devastating melee blow, and more!

Equip different armors to augment the power of your skills!

Over 70 different armors to choose from!

How to Play

  • Connect 2 or more stones to wreak havoc on your enemies!
  • The more stones you connect the more powerful the effect!
  • Trigger Rage Mode to boost your damage output!
  • Unlocking all the armors is the easy part. Can you master them?
  • Each armor has a unique combination of stats and elements. Are you a Wizard, a Warrior, maybe a little of both? Find what works best for you or try to master them ALL!

We're currently doing beta testing for our first game, Kero Hop. You can view information about the game here

If you are interested, you can email for an invite to the beta.

Any questions can be sent to any of the developers on twitter. @FBS_Elayune - Lead Programmer, @FBS_DrGenghis - Designer, @FBS_MannyTheHun - Lead Artist.

Fantasywiz54 Mar 26 '15 · Tags: game, games, announcement, beta


Hello! this is my second game ready to play in Android!


Don't touch spikes: Extreme

Can please download, play and rate the game? Feedback always is welcome!
enjoy! :)

xhidnoda Oct 21 '14 · Tags: free, games, aliens, spikes, extreme

Second month has passed, and now we can compare how downloads diminished after the first month exposure on the android appstores. And that will allow us to do some little market analysis already.

The game we are talking about is Sushi The Fish.

Markets      Month 1      Month 2      Increase      %
Slideme      1548           1819           271              17.5
GetJar         866             943             77                8.9
Vodafone    128              325            197              153.9
AndroidPit   38                76               38               100
Opera          29                32               3                 10.3
TStore         24                43               19                79.1          18                19               1                  5.55
Google Play 17                53              36                211.8
1mobile        11                12               1                 9 
Insyde           6                 30               24               400
Amazon        5                  19              14               280
Applandic      2                  2                 0                0
AppsLib         1                  1                 0                0
Camangi        1                  1                 0                0
Yandex          5                   5                0                0
Nokia            10                 10               0                0
Appsberry      2                   2                0                0
andapponline 0                   0                0                0
aptoide           0                   0                0                0
mobogenie     0                   0                0                0
cnet                0                   0                0                0
Total:            2711             3392         +681         25.12

When comparing downloads numbers for second month, then the Top 3 basically remains the same.


SlideMe is still first in month 2 with 271 Downloads. Comparing to the first month it is only 17.5% of what it had, and still I'm actually quite impressed. Especially when I did not see any other way that SlideMe provides visibility to the apps, apart from initial New category and social promotion. Yes, there is also Updated apps section, but this app was not updated, so this was not the reason. 

So for some reason discoverability on SlideMe market is quite good, I just wish other markets did the same as SlideME :)


This time Vodafone surpassed GetJar with 197 downloads to GetJar's 77. And as you see Vodafone provided even more downloads than the first month (153.9% increase). At first I thought maybe it is an effect of emerging market, that is gathering more users. But (spoiler alert) other apps don't perform as good as Sushi The Fish. That is why I think there was a special exposure to it. Maybe it was featured. Unfortunately I don't have an access to those markets as user, so can't tell anything more.


While GetJar is still third on download count for second month, the percentage increase is one of the lowest - 8.9% (if you ignore all the 0% markets of course). Which means that most of the exposure there comes from initial promotion on their channels.

Insyde Market

Insyde Market is the first by percentage increase, going from 6 downloads in first month to 30 in second (totaling 400% increase), but as you see the numbers themselves are not hight. Additionally it seems Insyde market has closed and is not accepting any new apps.

Amazon Market

So Amazon this month was special, because Sushi The Fish had a Developer promotion (what you get for implementing GameCircle and WhisperSync in your games). So the increase is 280% (from 5 to 19). But as you see numbers are still small. From a side studio I was working for Developer promotions brought couple of hundred free downloads increasing total downloads by more than 300% for the promo month.
So this seems to be quite proportional, what ever your app is doing on Amazon Store first month, promotion would bring you something around 300% increase.

As to why Sushi The Fish did worse than the other game, I think it because of market audience. That is something I will share with you later, but now looking on internal data from 5 apps, I see a pattern of some markets leaning more on to Casual and mind based games, while other markets provide more downloads to "hardcore" action and skill based games (as Sushi The Fish is). And Amazon is one of the Casual markets.

Google Play

And the last one I wanted to mention is Google Play. Resulting in 36 new downloads which is an increase of 211.8%. I don't think that visibility changed on the market. The only thing that comes to mind is that Google Play has Chartboost More Games implemented pointing to other games and new games also point to Sushi the Fish. 

That's it. 

Next time I'll share data of the app, that was published "by the book", with the target audience in mind and preselected keywords, and description written with ASO in mind and even some language translations. Let's see how it did.

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