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New level added to Ball Walker, number 18! Can you keep your balance walking across the seesaw catapult? Here’s how to do it…

Stay steady in the air.

Don’t roll off the edge!

Go easy over the 5 ton weight.


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A third-person platform jumping game in virtual reality? A fresh arrival on the App Store proves it’s a hit!


In today era of virtual reality’s rebirth everyone is wondering: what kind of experiences are most suitable for a comfortable VR experience? While seemingly most fitting first-person-perspective shooters turned out to be a number one headache activators, the Polish developer Tom Graczyk proposes a third-person-perspective position in his freshly released title Space Box: The Journey out of the Box. Originally developed for a “normal mode” this 3D puzzle platformer turns out it was meant to be a VR game. When placing an iPhone into any VR googles all Space Box’s platforms’ positions seem a lot clearer with a stereoscopic view and ability to look around makes puzzles more pleasurable. Guiding the main character without any hands controller, but only by the head movement provides a vivid platform-style action right before your eyes – not in your brain causing unpleasant nausea. The amount of interface boiled down to a minimum also adds to a pleasant virtual reality experience. 


Looks like “thinking outside the box” in terms of a VR experience has given a new meaning to the message of Space Box. You can a look at the game in action here:



Experience it right now for free from the App Store!



About the developer:

Tom Graczyk is an indie games developer and a retro games fan since the 8-bit games era. Made his first games on ZX Spectrum. Every title is made by himself – whether it's about coding, graphics or composing music.


Official website:

A 3D puzzle platformer for iPhone and iPad that challenges your 3D orientation skills like nothing before, uniquely mixing Fez’s world twisting with Angry Birds’ jumping physics. Probably the first VR platformer for iPhone. Asking one of the most important questions in everybody’s life: “Can you cross your limits?

Play on your iPhone/iPad for free! 

Spiral Splatter is an arcade/puzzle game that tests your hand-eye coordination while it picks your brain with mind-boggling puzzles!

The game features 100+ levels, spreaded over more than 10 stages. Beat the ghosts to the finish, watch out for moving obstacles, move blocks out of your way, and reach the finish before the time runs out!

Each stage adds a new challenge/gameplay element that gradually increases the difficulty.

Don’t be fooled by the simple look, the game is quite challenging and can frustrate you if you lose your patience quickly!

Stay calm, relax and beat all stages, or prepare to be frustrated!

Spiral Splatter will be available soon for iOS! 

More information @

We are Rolling Games company and we are happy to introduce you the new mobile game called “Quadrex”.
This is the puzzle game that offers the unique gameplay mechanics, perfect graphics design and a huge amount of levels.
This game is similar to the mix of sliding tile puzzle game and the Rubik’s Cube.

Game description:
You have the game field with square tiles and the picture below that is made of those squares. Something like pixel image, but with big-big pixels.
Tiles on the game field are shuffled. You need to repeat that picture. But it’s not that straightforward. The tile blocks are grouped into rows and columns, so, you can move them only in four directions – up, down, left and right.
Besides, rows and columns are cyclic. It means that, when you move the line of tiles to the edge of the gaming field the last tile hides and shows up on the opposite side.
You have the opportunity to change the number of elements in the row or column by one. For that purpose, there are free cells between tiles.
For better understanding where the element has to stand, that specific locations are marked with dots. The color of the dot is the same as the color of the tile.

There are eight packages of levels. Each package contains the plenty of levels grouped by the size of the game field (e. g. 5x5 or 6x6 tiles) and the color of tiles. The monochrome and multi-colored sets are available.
Despite the controls are quite understandable, the tutorial is also provided. 
The player’s goal is to complete the level in the minimum number of moves as quickly as possible.
After finishing the level, the gamer is able to share his/her results via Facebook or to look through the other players’ ratings. The more levels are completed, the higher the rating is.
For diversity-lovers there are different background themes, so, it is possible to choose the best. Quadrex is the multi-language game, thus people from different countries are able to join this unique puzzle.

What differentiates Quadrex:
Quadrex offers the unique gameplay mechanics, perfect graphics design and a huge amount of levels (1500).
Due to various sets of levels with different sizes of the game field, varicolored tile blocks and increasing complexity of levels you will never get bored with this game.
Quadrex develops personal skills such as savvy and attentiveness. It also allows studying the simplified models, so, you can find the way out of the most difficult situations by means of the game.
These skills will help you to cope with complicated situations in the real life because you will be already prepared for them.

– unique gameplay;
– 1500 levels, grouped by specific sets;
– compete with Facebook friends;
– convenient tutorial;
– various graphic themes.

Release Date: March 12, 2015.
Developer: Rolling Games.
Price: FREE.
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).
Audience: 4+
Available in App Store:


We were also involved in development of the zombie apocalypse game "Rising of the living dead",
hill climbing game "Mountain Climb Hill Racing",

racinggame "High Speed: Drag Racing GP",
ski-adventure game “Crazy Yeti”,
the space control game “Star Lander”,
the word guessing game “ElcomSafe”,
match3 puzzles “LolySoap” and “
Confettis2” etc.




What is BeatDefense?

BeatDefense is what happens when you mix Missile Command and Guitar Hero. Missiles are raining on your city, and you must tap them following the beat of powerful electronic songs to destroy them.

Sounds interesting. Do you have a trailer?

Sure! Have a look

What makes BeatDefense cool?
  • Beautiful pseudo-retro graphics (old-school sprites with new-school lighting and day-night cycle)
  • Record your replay and show it to the world thanks to Everyplay!
  • The best music by the best Creative Commons artists
  • Particles everywhere
  • Too much groove
  • Happy dancing buildings
  • SEVEN levels that range from easy to totally unfair

Who are we?

We are 16 Escalones, a small Spanish studio and TV Production Company full of people that are passionate about TV and videogames. We’ve been making TV shows for more than 10 years, so now we want to also do that other thing we love :).

What did other people say about BeatDefense?
  • “Once you get into the rhythm of things, BeatDefense is quite fun even if it is pretty simple” — 148apps
  • “War may be hell, but BeatDefense looks to prove that the devil has the best tunes” — PocketGamer

That looks pretty cool! Where can I download this?

Right now, you can find BeatDefense in the iTunes App Store:

Thank you! :D

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Rolling Jump - Addictive runner game

Help Lighty save the light of the world by escaping from the dark evil creatures in this incredibly FUN and ADDICTING game! Simply jump from each wheel up into the sky and stars to protect the light of the world.

Official website:

Download the game on the AppStore.

Trailer :

In Rolling Jump, your goal is to help the hero, Lighty, jump up into the sky and away from the dark evil creatures as fast as possible.


Learn secrets of the game like double tapping, jumping onto walls, and discover how to attain the rainbow path to help Lighty save the light of the world, and ultimately prove his worth.

•    7 levels to discover the stars
•    Increasing difficulty and real challenge for the hardcore gamers
•    Multiply your score x10 with perfect jumps
•    Get a Boost bonus after eating suns and reach the space faster!
•    Get stars to increase the score multiplier
•    "Slime" wheels that bump Lighty
•    Avoid the air-ballons that won't let you jump on a new wheel
•    Use wall to bounce and reach upper wheels
•    Compete in a worldwide ranking via Game Center
•    Compare your score with your friends and challenge them!
•    Cute retina graphics

Get in touch with the Rolling Jump fans on the Facebook page:





Dude Dancer



Epic beats and kicking moves! Dance your way to the top in style, Dude Dancer!



A 2D scrolling rhythm game for you mobile device that will keep you on the edge of your seat, ready to jump up and dance. Great timing and epic combination will make Dude Dancer dance like no other. The better dance moves performed the more the crowd in the club will love you, the more the crowd loves you the more score you will get.


First bg concept



  • Beat-2-Beat : Basically a continues game-play that will play until you messed up your dance moves too many times. This is a good way to practice moves to dance in the "bigger clubs".
  • The Club : A total of 7 songs. Escalating difficult. The first 3 songs will be unlocked by default, other 4 songs you can unlock by using the points you collected, or you can unlock via in-app-purchase.


Dude Dancer by Guinea Pixel



Dude Dancer will be in the middle of your screen dancing and pleasing the crowd, while you tap to the rhythm with 4 buttons (2 on each side of Dude Dancer). The game will be in a landscape mode, making it easy to get fast moving targets and combination moves. Parallax background them of the crowd side ways scrolling will change on the beat of the music. A great audio visualization effect full of color will have you dancing all the way. Dude Dancer and his moves - Our amazing designer is creating realistic and sweet looking dance moves. After researching most of the club dance moves we have chosen a few of the best. Once you tap the first button you can't help but to jump up and dance with.


Character concepts



Awesome beats with epic melodies! We have chosen techno/touch of dubstep/rave music that will leave you whistling melodies for weeks on end :) yes, it's going to be that amazing. We are working side by side with a very talented DJ that is in progress of creating every song from the ground up.


App Icon Concept


THE "Guinea Pixel "TEAM

I started Guinea Pixel about 7 months ago - I am a part time indie developer striving to make this my full time job. :) That would be amazing! I met the designer about a month ago via Twitter and she is designing magic for Dude Dancer...and potentially all my future games. DJ - an old friend of mine that has been creating epic beats for years, a signed musician and rocking his way up the ladder.



Guinea Pixel - Dude Dancer





We have developed this game for iOS (iPad,ipod and iPhone) for all mobile gamer who loves fast and simple on-the-go games.

The purpose of this game is to let the user have fun and develop their skills as they play and get into the game more.

You will be asked a series of equation  and you must finish them in short period of time. You can earn coins and unlock harder levels if you think you are getting better.

If you continuously play this game couple times a day then you are sure toimprove your fluency in math.

It becomes a challenge and addictive. Which is a good thing because the more you play the more you improve your mental math.

We learn different language to communicate with others and we try to become fluent so we can communicate better. 

Math is an universal language that we all know or have used. So why not try to be fluent in it? If someone was to ask me - I’m buying 4 apples for $5 a piece, how much will it be? Everyone should be able to answer this question without any hesitation.

How Fast Can You Math? Try it Now!