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A SHATTERED WORLD – RETURN TO MARS  - Come Join Our Community! Concept art piece of the Starship Graveyard

"Hello Naked Gameplay readers, please check out our indie project Exo Exit which is going to hit Kickstarter in March. This game is going to be awesome considering the fact we have no funding and are such a small team. Please come and show some support, feedback is very welcome. It's going to be for PC and Mac, possibly VR too. There will be a full soundtrack for fans and a companion novel too. More to come, watch this space! Thanks from me, Stu the Creative Director."

Red Explorer Soundtrack


Mars -­ a home to mankind in the distant past -­ is overrun with hostile alien species. But given the options in a world ravaged by catastrophic attacks, it seems man’s only hope of reclaiming a planetary home and saving its kind. Recolonising the shattered planet’s surface -­ whilst defending yourself against hostile alien species, and with only a simple comms system back to Exo Exit ship’s command? Your chances seem slim to none. One thing’s for sure: with the authorities’ dim views on your human rights, you’ve got nothing to lose.



Explore the ruins of a lost civilisation as you journey across an expansive landscape.

Defend against hostile alien species attacks in surface clashes.

Survive within an inhospitable environment using what’s left from man’s previous red planet habitation to fight hunger, thirst and radiation.

Search for resources to upgrade equipment, unearth past facilities, and satisfy your superiors on the Exo Exit.

Mine for resources to upgrade your equipment and trade with the fleet above.

Construct the beginnings of a base, a colony to re-­‐establish a home for mankind.

Manipulate the remains of technologically-­‐advanced machinery and use them to your advantage.

My Point & Click adventure video game "Demetrios - The BIG cynical adventure" just launched on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight!

It needs your help!

Vote for Demetrios!

Support it on Kickstarter

Vote for the game on Steam Greenlight :

With your help, I can make this game bigger and better! :)

You can also watch the trailer here :

Demetrios trailer

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a website for people with ideas or projects to raise funds to make them happen.

What is Steam Greenlight?

Steam is the main online gaming store / service on PC, on which games can be bought. Greenlight is a system on which people can vote for indie games submitted, in order to become available on Steam.

The Kickstarter andSteam Greenlight launches that I've planned for months for my adventure game Demetrios, will finally happen in a few days! 
Both pages will be online simultaneously onOctober 6th. (next tuesday!)

For that occasion, I've been preparing an updated demo of the game (v1.3). This takes account of all the feedback I've had so far!

- HTML5 version of the demo available!

You can now run the demo directly in your browser! See here on the site :

- New Bjorn and Sandra expressions!

Despite my game being a Point & Click, the Ace Attorney series had quite a big influence on it!
And this is why pretty much every character in the game will have several animated expressions!

For example, here are the current Bjorn expressions :

-Cookies are bigger and easier to find! 

Most people found that cookies were a very interesting concept. They're hidden on screens and you need to find them to get in-game hints. So it's kinda like an optional game in the game!

However, they were a bit TOO well hidden. So I have resized each of them about 1.5 to 2 times.

Also, there's a new cookie counter, which gives you how many cookies are left to find in each room! This should make the search more attractive :)

- English and French texts have been proofread

English isn't my native language, and Draclvr from the GameBoomers forum has been kind enough to proofread the game text. There should be way less mistakes now :)

Another adventure game fan also did the French text proofreading - even though I'm French, I still make some spelling mistakes :p

- Corrected windows interfaces to make them prettier

Some of them had been very quickly done for the first prototype, and I never changed them. Now it looks better and more professional!

- Corrected fonts for french and spanish characters

Accented language-specific characters would not display. I had to modify the TTF font manually to make them appear!
Finding good-looking copyleft fonts is very difficult, and fonts with support for every language is next to impossible! 
I didn't want to revert back to basic fonts like Arial or Verdana, so this was pretty much the only solution.

- Improved game performance

I've added a cache for dialogs and translations texts when changing room, so they're not loaded at every room switch. This makes for a much smoother experience! Now changing room is near-instant on modern computers!

- Improved hotspots view (prettier and texts don't overlap anymore) :

-Automatic framerate detection 

The game will run at 60FPS or 30FPS according to your computer abilities! This is detected during the game startup. 
Frameskip is managed manually in the game engine (all the variables related to speeds like timers are doubled at each step)

Try the new demo!

The time left on our campaign is measured in hours now! That means it will end soon! Help us finish our game! :)

Help me finish my game!

And So It Was combines old-school, mouse-driven gameplay and familiar but original combat with a curious voice acted narrative that never interrupts the action.

After 4 years of work by a one-man team (that's me!), the development of And So It Was is nearing completion.

The game is currently on Indiegogo, asking for help to cover the final few months of development. The final game will release on Windows in 2015. Mac and Linux versions are also in the works.

The game is also on Steam Greenlight.

There is also a public alpha demo available:

Additional links:
Official website -
Presskit -
Facebook -
Twitter - |

Disciples Of The Storm kickstarter Makes it on #indiegamemag

barnEbiss Jun 30 '15 · Tags: rts, kickstarter, games

Hello all, I am Nathan from Storm Isle Productions our studio has been working on a Fantasy RTS called Disciples Of The Storm over the past year that is an inspired reboot of the classic gameplay style seen in the old RTS netstorm islands at war but set in a strictly new game world and IP that we have been creating with help from some of the team that worked on the old Netstorm.

Disciples Of The Storm (DOTS) is a unique, fast paced Real Time Strategy (RTS) game set in the fantasy world of Sonus where an ancient feud between the deities, known as Tempests, have torn the world apart leaving little more than raging storms below and skies filled with floating remnant of islands where the people of Sonus now live. The four factions of rain, wind, sun and thunder must battle to survive in this harsh climate gathering resources and gain favor from the Tempests.

Build your temples and workshops to unlock units to wage war on your enemies and capture and offer up enemy high priests to gain favor with the deities.

With a unique bridging mechanic system that allows players to deploy networks of bridges to link islands along with a multitude of unique faction unit types combining elements of Tower Defense meets active Tower Offense.


New IP, New World Art: As a top-to-bottom concept reboot, Disciples of the Storm uses a new IP for long-term stability and to avoid confusion with the the old game NetStorm. Disciples of the Storm takes place in an entirely new world with redesigned units, spells and effects.


The factions of the Tempest: DOTS features 4 playable factions with the factions of Wind, Rain, Thunder and Sun. With each side having close to 12 unit types each, along with faction neutral buildings that can be constructed.

Fast Paced Game Play: Fast pace game play but easy to learn focuses on capturing and holding islands with control of paths through islands as vital to victory.

Bridging system: DOTS features a custom unique bridging and placement system which allows placement of different bridge types allowing for construction of bridge networks to support both resource collection and expanding the battle front.

Bridges not only act as pathway for resource collectors to move over the void of open air but also provide locations from which defense and attack units can be constructed off the end of bridge sections.

DOTS use of different static defense and attack units with the ability to be built linked off side of bridge ends allow for construction both on islands and out over the void of the sky. DOTS attack and defense units although static and do not move each have their own ability and power which gives a tower defense meets tower offense mode.

Random Map Generation: DOTS feature on the fly map generation for both island generation in island shapes and with placement of islands and resources allowing for each multiplayer game to be unique.

Multi-platform support: DOTS supports running on Windows, Linux and Mac.


- Easy to learn gameplay.
- feature rich world with floating vine covered islands. ruined structures remnants from before the sundering that tore the land apart and cast the fragments to the skies.
- competitive play in Multiplayer with ranking and score tracking.
- carry over skills from game to game unlocked by players priest.
- High Priests in funny hats!


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barnEbiss Jun 23 '15 · Tags: kickstarter

MAJOR UPDATE: Storm Isle Productions has confirmed matched funding from a game industry insider up of $50k if they can successfully reach their initial Kickstarter goal pushing them to $100,000 which will ensure that production can continue beyond the first release with features and content. However they will need the help of the old Netstorm and Kickstarter community to make the initial $50,000.


REMINDER: This Kickstarter begins Tuesday, June 23, 2015.


Storm Isle Productions Launches New Kickstarter Campaign


Following the success of being greenlit on Steam, my team at Storm Isle Productions is once again asking the faithful fans of Netstorm: Islands at War and fans of RTS games for help on our spiritual successor Disciples of the Storm.


After a year of regrouping and a solid focus on producing new content for DOTS, from unit models and new building designs, we are pleased to announce a re-launch on Kickstarter with the hopes that our new following from the Netstorm community and the greenlight on Steam will help push us forward to a successful Kickstarter.


During the Kickstarter, our developers will be releasing glimpses of new content that the team has been working on behind the scenes for the Kickstarter. Disciples of the Storm’s newly launched Kickstarter can be found


This Kickstarter will launch Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015.


What is Disciples of the Storm?

Disciples Of The Storm is a fast past RTS that sets players against each other in a bitter fight to the death in a kill or be killed fantasy world. Players will gain territory of shattered, floating islands as they seek to capture and slay the enemy tribe’s high priest while advancing their tribe toward their goal of total domination in an attempt to appease their god.


Construct temples along with attack and defense units from workshops, deploy a lattice of bridges linking the floating islands to gain more ground and resources forming the lifeblood of a player's expanding empire of islands.



Facebook, Company Page:

Facebook, Group Page:


Kickstarter Page:



About Us

Storm Isle Productions is an indie dev team from the East Coast with a solid group of talent. Talent such as the art directors from the original Netstorm: Islands at War, Morgan Ogburn and Beverly Garland (Beverly also worked on the Ultima series). They also brought in head coder, Nathan Fabian formerly from inXile Entertainment who worked on Torment: Tides of Numenera and a dedicated art team from Polywick Studios behind the animation and effect. NetStorm co-creator and founder of Kongregate, Jim Greer is also along for the ride.

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