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New level added to Ball Walker, number 18! Can you keep your balance walking across the seesaw catapult? Here’s how to do it…

Stay steady in the air.

Don’t roll off the edge!

Go easy over the 5 ton weight.


Download for iOS

Download for Android

Download for Kindle

We released Cube Orbit, a unique 3D game that combines classical match of three with arcade and real-time elements. Constantly changing level goals, random layouts, powerups, and a upgrade system keep players engaged through over 150 levels. Free-to-play with opt-in ads, iOS and Android. You’ll find references to all stores, the presskit, homepage, etcs below.


Full presskit (lots of icons, banner, screenshots, texts), Trailer (Youtube)

Type: Mobile/Touch 3D Free-to-Play Casual Game Genre: Match-3, Casual, Arcade-ish Name: Cube Orbit Developer: Markus Scheidgen (Cube Monster Games) Platforms: iOS, Android Store Links: Apple App StoreGoogle Play StoreAmazon Released: 2017/Mar/12 Price/Monitization: Free, reward ads, no IAP Media/Screenshots: Single assets here or download whole package here (55MB) Homepage Contact/Business inqueries or @mscheidgen

Cube Orbit is a 3D real time tactical color match game. Plan ahead to forge awesome color combos. Make split second decisions before your angle fades and the clock expires. Adjust your tactics to defeat increasingly complex levels with four alternating mission goals. Enjoy cubical aesthetics full of colors, effects, and a fitting 8-bit sound design.

My latest game Overdive is now out on Android! It’s a retro-inspired arcade mobile game in which you catch fish, dodge torpedoes and punch sharks with boxing gloves.

Overdive is the first full game to come out of my 1GAW project, where I create one game prototype a week. After the prototype was rather well-received I decided to flesh it out and expand it, and the result is now available for you to play! So go check it out, rate it and spread the word!

Hi guys,

I would like to present you my first game! It's a simple casual game and I really appreciate if you play it and share with me feedback to improve my project. It's totally free and without ADS, so enjoy it!

Here Mad Match: Space, the first expansion of Mad Match stage in the space. Find the pairs of figures from more than 25 unique and colorful images. It sounds easy but it never is!

* +25 Unique space-themed figures
* 5 different ways to tackle the game
* Schemes always new and never repeated
* Audible and Visual Effects
* Beat your records and challenge your friends

Mad Match: Space is FREE!!!

NOTE: I am an independent developer and a video game fans like you! If you like this game, currency and leave comments. The support of each of you is crucial to improve and enhance the development of the game.
If you have suggestions or critics please contact me via email at and we can talk about them.

Follow development of the game on my personal Twitter account @SergioTosi88

Have fun with Mad Match: Space! - LINK TO GOOGLE PLAY

I have uploaded a new version.. Enjoy it! Feel free to share it ;) THANKS

NEWS v1.1
New time system during the game session
Corrections Tutorial and bug fixes
Added Google Play Game Service System:
* 10 Goals to unlock
* 5 Charts to compete with your friends and share scores!

Cat Cave was my second self-published title, but it was actually a lot of first for me. It was my first endless runner. It was my first 2D game. It was the first time I formed a team to work on one of my ideas (I found an artist, a sound designer, and a second programmer). It was the first time I attempted a port to iOS. And the second release of Cat Cave was the first time I took promotion really seriously.



I've learned a lot from the games I have released so far, but I think the most valuable thing I have learned is you can never do too much work when it's something you care about. As a single cat mamma, I have no human children, and no husband (or wife) to take care of, so my games are really like my children - I look forward to leaving work in the evenings so I can go home and spend time with them. And I feel guilty any time I have a spare moment that I choose not to spend with them.


To some this may seem like an unhealthy obsession, but for me the things I make are the strongest justification for my existence.


In total, I estimate that I invested around 120 hours into the development of Cat Cave. I wish I had kept more thorough track, but I believe the breakdown went something like this:


First Release

 - Development - 30 hours

 - Project Management - 10 hours

 - Promotion - 10 hours

Second Release (Major Update)

 - iOS Port - 15 hours

 - Development - 15 hours

 - Project Management (including running beta test) - 10 hours

 - Promotion - 30 hours


I promoted Cat Cave on Twitter ( @moarKitties) and on the Subreddit 'Android Gaming' ( We also added a Facebook "share" button in the game for whenever you get a high score, but from what I can tell that feature was not much used. My next move, which is in-the-works, is to find reviewers/streamers to play Cat Cave. If anyone reading this posted is a streamer or reviewer please get in touch with me!


Another valuable lesson I learned is the importance of building hype. Don't release your game the day it is finished. And don't wait until it is finished to start talking about it. Talk about it all the time while you are making it. Pick a tentative release date far in the future. When you finish your game, get everything confirmed, and get it approved by all of the powers that be, THEN confirm your release date at least several days in advance. Then you must WAIT. Don't do anything to break the game. Don't do anything to put it in jeopardy on whatever platform you publish to. Don't let your anxious fans convince you to release it early. Just wait. And keep talking about it.


Speaking of which, here are the download links for Cat Cave, which is now available free on Google Play and iTunes!




Promo page:


Thanks for playing!

Hey everybody! My new arcade game is on android right now.

In the Swimming Teddybears you have to tap on little teddybears in order to rescue them from the water. Then they jump on a rescue wheel and you get your points. Maybe it sounds funny, but the game is also funny so that is right! Let's play!

Welcome to Jettycat Towers, where the cats are pink and the towers are dangerous!

Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is simple: Take control of JettyCat and fly through 3 towers with your jetpack. Sounds easy? Well, it's not, because you can't touch any of the walls while doing so! Oh, and there's also buzz saws, lasers, blocks, turrets and other obstacles. You shouldn't touch those either.

The game was built for mobile and features intuitive controls: Tap the left side of the screen to go left, tap the right side to go right, tap both at the same time to go straight up. That's all you need to make your way through the 30+ levels this game offers. Well, that and good reflexes.

The game is almost finished, I am currently ironing out the final bugs and implementing the last feedback from playtesters. If everything goes according to plan, the game will hit the Google Play store at the end of March. Ports for Amazon Fire and iOS are also in the works; stay tune for more updates regarding those.

And to finish things off: Please enjoy the game's trailer!

     The day has finally come! Unicorn Training is available for iOS devices! For just $1 you get 9 action-packed dungeons and a monster-filled forest overworld to explore! Level up and learn magical spells to blast away any evil creatures that stand in your path to greatness!

     It feels great to finally have my first real game out there for everyone to try. Fans of ponies and action RPGs in general will certainly be getting their money's worth. If you want to try before you buy, a free demo version is available with the entire first dungeon and boss fight. Every download goes toward making my next game even better, so be sure to leave a review and tell me what you think. This is just the beginning of a wonderful series.

Watch the Trailer.
Download on the App Store.
Or Try the Demo.

The Android versions are also available on Amazon and Google Play.

We are Rolling Games company and we are happy to introduce you the new mobile game called “Quadrex”.
This is the puzzle game that offers the unique gameplay mechanics, perfect graphics design and a huge amount of levels.
This game is similar to the mix of sliding tile puzzle game and the Rubik’s Cube.

Game description:
You have the game field with square tiles and the picture below that is made of those squares. Something like pixel image, but with big-big pixels.
Tiles on the game field are shuffled. You need to repeat that picture. But it’s not that straightforward. The tile blocks are grouped into rows and columns, so, you can move them only in four directions – up, down, left and right.
Besides, rows and columns are cyclic. It means that, when you move the line of tiles to the edge of the gaming field the last tile hides and shows up on the opposite side.
You have the opportunity to change the number of elements in the row or column by one. For that purpose, there are free cells between tiles.
For better understanding where the element has to stand, that specific locations are marked with dots. The color of the dot is the same as the color of the tile.

There are eight packages of levels. Each package contains the plenty of levels grouped by the size of the game field (e. g. 5x5 or 6x6 tiles) and the color of tiles. The monochrome and multi-colored sets are available.
Despite the controls are quite understandable, the tutorial is also provided. 
The player’s goal is to complete the level in the minimum number of moves as quickly as possible.
After finishing the level, the gamer is able to share his/her results via Facebook or to look through the other players’ ratings. The more levels are completed, the higher the rating is.
For diversity-lovers there are different background themes, so, it is possible to choose the best. Quadrex is the multi-language game, thus people from different countries are able to join this unique puzzle.

What differentiates Quadrex:
Quadrex offers the unique gameplay mechanics, perfect graphics design and a huge amount of levels (1500).
Due to various sets of levels with different sizes of the game field, varicolored tile blocks and increasing complexity of levels you will never get bored with this game.
Quadrex develops personal skills such as savvy and attentiveness. It also allows studying the simplified models, so, you can find the way out of the most difficult situations by means of the game.
These skills will help you to cope with complicated situations in the real life because you will be already prepared for them.

– unique gameplay;
– 1500 levels, grouped by specific sets;
– compete with Facebook friends;
– convenient tutorial;
– various graphic themes.

Release Date: March 12, 2015.
Developer: Rolling Games.
Price: FREE.
Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).
Audience: 4+
Available in App Store:


We were also involved in development of the zombie apocalypse game "Rising of the living dead",
hill climbing game "Mountain Climb Hill Racing",

racinggame "High Speed: Drag Racing GP",
ski-adventure game “Crazy Yeti”,
the space control game “Star Lander”,
the word guessing game “ElcomSafe”,
match3 puzzles “LolySoap” and “
Confettis2” etc.




Hi Guys, I recently got into programming, to be more specific, into „mobile apps/games“. Few days ago I finally finished my first project. It is a game (for Android at first, iOs will be added soon) where you have to strain your brain cells and challenge your reaction time. Sign of improvement can be trained over time. So it would be awesome if you guys could try the game out. Since it is my first project and I am still learning, tips and constructive criticism is much appreciated. Enjoy!

Bushimotion Jun 9 '15 · Tags: android, gaming, indie, mobile
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