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Arrange three of the same shape in a line to produce one of a higher form. The rules are basic but this seemingly simple puzzle is deceptively challenging. As the grid gradually fills up, finding room to make combinations becomes more difficult. Planning ahead will be rewarded with a high score on the global leader board. Do you shape up?



CalculatorGames Dec 29 '16 · Tags: puzzle, shapes, game, match

Follow the colors to crack the code. Defuse the bomb before you explode!

This is a quick bomb defusal challenge - you choose the complexity. Work out which colors connect where and enter the code to disarm the bomb. It's a blast, literally!

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CalculatorGames Oct 27 '16 · Tags: puzzle, ios, game, free, explode, bomb

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Boost your IQ with this pattern matching challenge.



CalculatorGames Apr 9 '16 · Tags: brain, free, puzzle



A third-person platform jumping game in virtual reality? A fresh arrival on the App Store proves it’s a hit!


In today era of virtual reality’s rebirth everyone is wondering: what kind of experiences are most suitable for a comfortable VR experience? While seemingly most fitting first-person-perspective shooters turned out to be a number one headache activators, the Polish developer Tom Graczyk proposes a third-person-perspective position in his freshly released title Space Box: The Journey out of the Box. Originally developed for a “normal mode” this 3D puzzle platformer turns out it was meant to be a VR game. When placing an iPhone into any VR googles all Space Box’s platforms’ positions seem a lot clearer with a stereoscopic view and ability to look around makes puzzles more pleasurable. Guiding the main character without any hands controller, but only by the head movement provides a vivid platform-style action right before your eyes – not in your brain causing unpleasant nausea. The amount of interface boiled down to a minimum also adds to a pleasant virtual reality experience. 


Looks like “thinking outside the box” in terms of a VR experience has given a new meaning to the message of Space Box. You can a look at the game in action here:



Experience it right now for free from the App Store!



About the developer:

Tom Graczyk is an indie games developer and a retro games fan since the 8-bit games era. Made his first games on ZX Spectrum. Every title is made by himself – whether it's about coding, graphics or composing music.


Official website:

A 3D puzzle platformer for iPhone and iPad that challenges your 3D orientation skills like nothing before, uniquely mixing Fez’s world twisting with Angry Birds’ jumping physics. Probably the first VR platformer for iPhone. Asking one of the most important questions in everybody’s life: “Can you cross your limits?

Play on your iPhone/iPad for free! 

What is it?

A new genre of puzzle game - Find Yo Nuts - is now live on the google play store.  Grab it directly from the store! 
With 100 levels of play and challenges, it promises to keep you engaged for hours and hours.

How to Play?

Your objective is to find the hidden nuts by tapping the screen. Each tap creates a pulse wave which stops at a nut. Use the pulse waves to narrow down the position of the nuts, then tap them to reveal them. It seems easy to describe, but it's much harder once you try. Most players struggle to get past the first world of challenges, will you be the first to clear all 100 levels?


The peaceful people of Nutopia hold a Hide and Seek World Championship each year. This year, the mysterious Dr. E. Peanut has crashed the party, angry that he's not considered a real nut. All the nuts are petrified and have hidden themselves around Nutopia. You have to find them and get them to safety, who knows what Dr. E. Peanut has in store for them!


My name is Ben, I'm a 20 year old student and I've just launched my first game Trig on Android and Amazon (coming very soon to iOS)! Here's the trailer.

Trig is a simple little triangular puzzle game I have been working on for the last couple of months. The goal is to get the highest value triangle/score without filling up the grid. To get higher value triangles you build a large triangle out of four smaller ones of the same colour, then choose one to upgrade (it makes a bit more sense when you play - but its quite addictive!)

The game is very addictive, I've had one person tell me they've deleted the game off their phone because they couldn't stop playing it for a week! If you like the strategic, addictive nature of 2048 then I think you'll enjoy Trig!

Downloads and reviews have been pretty good so far! (Around 300 in total with an average 5 star rating over 40 reviews). With the release onto iOS coming this week I'm hoping for that number to increase.

Thank you for reading my blog post. Have a go at Trig and see what score you can get (if you can get to ruby you're pretty good!!).


Brief Description: Move colored segments around the circle to form matching groups. Challenge your mind and battle against the clock, earning time and points every time you link matching segments, or just practice at your leisure with infinity mode.


CalculatorGames Dec 6 '15 · Tags: free, game, ios, puzzle, cromis, match

Spiral Splatter is an arcade/puzzle game that tests your hand-eye coordination while it picks your brain with mind-boggling puzzles!

The game features 100+ levels, spreaded over more than 10 stages. Beat the ghosts to the finish, watch out for moving obstacles, move blocks out of your way, and reach the finish before the time runs out!

Each stage adds a new challenge/gameplay element that gradually increases the difficulty.

Don’t be fooled by the simple look, the game is quite challenging and can frustrate you if you lose your patience quickly!

Stay calm, relax and beat all stages, or prepare to be frustrated!

Spiral Splatter will be available soon for iOS! 

More information @

I'm really excited to announce that the adventure game I'm working on, The Last Time! 

The Last Time features the narrative depth and emotional impact of a modern adventures by the likes of Telltale and Quantic Dream, delivered to with the graphical style and game mechanics of a classic point-and-click. The game’s focus is on the story; tough moral choices, tense action sequences, and deep characters and relationships. The plot is nonlinear; decisions that you make, both large and small, will influence how the narrative plays out.

The game is now live on Kickstarter, featuring an exciting trailer and demo:

Thank you for checking out my adventure game! :)

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