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My latest game Overdive is now out on Android! It’s a retro-inspired arcade mobile game in which you catch fish, dodge torpedoes and punch sharks with boxing gloves.

Overdive is the first full game to come out of my 1GAW project, where I create one game prototype a week. After the prototype was rather well-received I decided to flesh it out and expand it, and the result is now available for you to play! So go check it out, rate it and spread the word!

Oh no, your space ship is being overrun by alien blobs! Slip into the non-too-comfortable space suit of Spaceman Steve and take care of the menace!

However, since Steve is only equipped with a magnet gun that doesn’t harm enemies, you’ll have to get creative…oh, and the gun is permanently stuck on 'pull'. Hope that's not a problem?

Spaceman Steve in: Boxtermination is a very fast-paced and tough arcade platformer/shooter created for the first official Kongregate game jam. Shoot the metal box with your magnet gun to attract it and squash enemies. If you get multiple enemies in a row you get a combo bonus. But don’t get squashed yourself! Powerups increase the power of your gun or turn you into a ghost for a limited amount of time.

The game is playable right now in your browser, so hop on by and try your hand at the high score!



A third-person platform jumping game in virtual reality? A fresh arrival on the App Store proves it’s a hit!


In today era of virtual reality’s rebirth everyone is wondering: what kind of experiences are most suitable for a comfortable VR experience? While seemingly most fitting first-person-perspective shooters turned out to be a number one headache activators, the Polish developer Tom Graczyk proposes a third-person-perspective position in his freshly released title Space Box: The Journey out of the Box. Originally developed for a “normal mode” this 3D puzzle platformer turns out it was meant to be a VR game. When placing an iPhone into any VR googles all Space Box’s platforms’ positions seem a lot clearer with a stereoscopic view and ability to look around makes puzzles more pleasurable. Guiding the main character without any hands controller, but only by the head movement provides a vivid platform-style action right before your eyes – not in your brain causing unpleasant nausea. The amount of interface boiled down to a minimum also adds to a pleasant virtual reality experience. 


Looks like “thinking outside the box” in terms of a VR experience has given a new meaning to the message of Space Box. You can a look at the game in action here:



Experience it right now for free from the App Store!



About the developer:

Tom Graczyk is an indie games developer and a retro games fan since the 8-bit games era. Made his first games on ZX Spectrum. Every title is made by himself – whether it's about coding, graphics or composing music.


Official website:

A 3D puzzle platformer for iPhone and iPad that challenges your 3D orientation skills like nothing before, uniquely mixing Fez’s world twisting with Angry Birds’ jumping physics. Probably the first VR platformer for iPhone. Asking one of the most important questions in everybody’s life: “Can you cross your limits?

Play on your iPhone/iPad for free! 

Welcome to Jettycat Towers, where the cats are pink and the towers are dangerous!

Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is simple: Take control of JettyCat and fly through 3 towers with your jetpack. Sounds easy? Well, it's not, because you can't touch any of the walls while doing so! Oh, and there's also buzz saws, lasers, blocks, turrets and other obstacles. You shouldn't touch those either.

The game was built for mobile and features intuitive controls: Tap the left side of the screen to go left, tap the right side to go right, tap both at the same time to go straight up. That's all you need to make your way through the 30+ levels this game offers. Well, that and good reflexes.

The game is almost finished, I am currently ironing out the final bugs and implementing the last feedback from playtesters. If everything goes according to plan, the game will hit the Google Play store at the end of March. Ports for Amazon Fire and iOS are also in the works; stay tune for more updates regarding those.

And to finish things off: Please enjoy the game's trailer!

After months of silent toiling I am happy to announce that a short demo of Magnet Man Adventures is now available for download! This little sneak peek contains Acts 1 & 3 of Air Zone (and maybe something else...?) and is mainly intended to be a base on which to gather feedback from the community regarding the basic gameplay. There will almost certainly be bugs and some aspects of the game (like the menus) are not finished yet, so please keep that in mind.

With that out of the way: Download the demo here, hit me up on social media to let me know what you think and spread the word!

Note: The demo is currently for Windows only, Mac / Linux versions will follow soon.

We are Tall Studios, a husband and wife independent game development studio, and we are very happy to announce that our Shoot ‘Em Up Kit is now available on Steam Early Access.  It started out as an evenings-and-weekends project about 10 years ago but we realised that there weren’t enough hours in the day to complete it while working and bringing up a family.   We made the decision to work on it full-time in October 2010, funding development by taking on contract work.  It is exciting and nerve wracking to finally be releasing it on Steam.

The Shoot ‘Em Up Kit enables people to create professional looking 2D and 3D games using a simple drag-and-drop interface without the need for programming or scripting.  A simple game can be created in a couple of minutes while lighting, camera views, behaviours, physics settings, shaders, particle effects and AI can be created and modified to fine-tune a complex game.

Users can easily import their own 3D models, sounds and textures or use the ones provided. They can use anything from a complex 3D model to a pen and paper drawing or even a photo. Every aspect of the game can be customised and there are editors for building the levels, the HUD display, front-end pages and more.  We have a user guide and tutorials available on our website with more details.

Level editor

The Shoot ‘Em Up Kit comes with a selection of sample games that users can play or use as a starting point for their own creations.

Sample games included

The full release will also include support for Steam Workshop so people can share art assets and games.  We’ll be updating the tutorials and polishing the sample games included too.  Apart from that the Early Access version is complete, although once it is released we will continue to support it and add new features.

tallstudios Jun 10 '15 · Tags: gamedev, indie, indiedev, retro

A few days ago Storm Isle Productions released a preview image of the kickstarters funding goal image of the aimed for development funding that we will be pushing for on our kickstarter to launch on June 23rd, in the kickstarter goal image we had a little teaser image at the top of islands in the background, we have gotten a few comments from people asking when we would release a larger version of that image, well wait no longer today we are pleased to release that image which is one of the planned loading screens in-game.

We have more teasers we will be releasing but only once the kickstarter launches.

Magnet Man jumps onto your Android device! Created as a spinoff to the upcoming Magnet Man Adventures, Magnet Man JUMP! tasks you with climbing the impossibly high Sky Tower using your unique magnetic powers. Generate magnetic fields to bounce off magnets in the walls and launch yourself to the top of the leaderboards!

Get it from the Google Play Store now by clicking here! 



Play it now for free!

Game Jolt

Your space station has been overrun by space bugs and out-of-control space bots! You'd totally be up to the challenge of kicking them out, but...well, you spent a bit too much money on Monolith Burgers so you could only afford an old, second-hand space suit that's so clunky, you can't jump in it. But luckily you're in space where gravity is a fickle thing, prone to change at the flick of a wrist!

... more

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