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  To kickoff the new year, Battle Gem Ponies is going to make some noise on Steam Greenlight! The turn-based pony RPG is back with some highly requested features like pony-surfing, capture mechanics, and a few new customizable moves. 

If you want to check out the newest build for yourself, just click the link below. If you'd like to see this game on Steam someday, be sure to give a thumbs up on the Greenlight page!

Vote for Battle Gem Ponies on Steam Greenlight!

You'll need to steel yourself for these hard-edge attacks and defensive buffs. Making puns like this gets hard as steel after a while. I steel can't even believe I'm letting this paragraph get published. Oh well... Better steel yourself for this one. Hardcore moves like these make the Steel class one of the toughest in the game.

Grab your hard hat and come see which Steel Attacks will help you cut through the competition!

TonyYotes Apr 22 '16 · Tags: attacks, moves, rpg

     Now that was a climb. Demo 4 is out there on the web now and it looks like hundreds of people are enjoying it. Feels good taking another step forward, but this mountain is still another year tall. Plans for Demo 5 are written and ready to be executed!

     See what the latest release means for Yotes Games on the official blog.

TonyYotes Mar 29 '16 · Tags: demo, prealpha, release, rpg, playtest

I decided to push back the release date of Battle Gem Ponies to give Pokemon Sun & Moon more room. I could use some extra time anyway. Expect it next March! 



​ It's a big news week for Battle Gem Ponies and to kick it off, here's an update on how your pony's attacks will work!

Moves make up the core of the gameplay in Battle Gem Ponies, so having Light, Heavy, Status, and Special Attacks will promote strategic play. People will customize their movesets with the limitations of one strong move (with little GP), one weaker move (Enough GP to usually last the whole match), a status move (affecting gameplay beyond just lowering enemy HP), and a special attack (wildcard moves that can't be learned naturally).  

You can look here for the full blog post explaining how it works and why this style was chosen over Pokemon's freeform move slots.

TonyYotes Mar 18 '16 · Tags: combat, design, moves, rpg

     Spring break's over and I spent a lot more time relaxing than I thought I would. It's officially mid-March and demo 4 still isn't ready. Time to get serious. Take an hour off sleep, quicker showers, quicker meals, and less YouTube with friends. The next BGP demo needs to be ready to play in time for the My Little Pony season premiere weekend (March 26).

     Funny enough, that day also happens to be the next 12 hour game jam date. A nice reward for a fierce crunch on this years-long project. 

TonyYotes Mar 15 '16 · Tags: crunchtime, crunch, rpg, devlog

     Battle Gem Ponies features are being scratched off my task list one-by-one. Some features like dynamic text reading, special battle move effects, stat buffs, and special NPC interactions will have to wait for the next demo. I have outlines for how they work in code and I have tested many parts of those features, but putting all those pieces together and testing them as a whole is going to take at least a week. I want demo 4 out by March 18th (week after Spring Break), so there's some higher priority stuff to get out before then.

     My school's BYOC game design expo is coming up on April 9th and I need a polished build to show to strangers one last time before BronyCon. That demo needs to be awesome and include basic multiplayer and special battle mechanics. It's a lot to handle in a single month, so I'm hoping Spring Break gets me ahead of schedule by a decent amount.

Get the rest on the official development blog.

It’s March now! New Pokemon games were announced! And on top of all that I need $3000 to start presenting my game at expos like MAGfest! I gotta hurry this up a bit if I want a demo out before the 15th…

It’s March now! New Pokemon games were announced! And on top of all that I need $3000 to start presenting my game at expos like MAGfest! I gotta hurry this up a bit if I want a demo out before the 15th…

TonyYotes Mar 1 '16 · Tags: brony, devlog, gamedev, indie, magfest, pony, rpg

Mind over matter. The smartest ponies are able to put their extrasensory powers to use in battle. Aside from bending spoons, these moves can tear an enemy apart from the inside! It's pretty scary actually, but not based on fear like Dark class moves. If the psychic power of Esper class ponies intrigues you, just wait until you see what they can do.

Learn about some Esper Attacks right here!

     MAGfest is this week!! Gotta get ready! Gotta shake hands! Gotta meet more of my internet idols! It'll be a hectic week of prep and snowstorms over here at Penn College, but the happy times are right down the road. This time around, the excitement of running a panel has been replaced with coming up with a good 1-Hour Game Jam idea. If it's anything like BronyCon, I'm in for a huge morale boost and a ton of priceless memories.

Take a look at the state of Yotes Games!

TonyYotes Feb 16 '16 · Tags: devlog, rpg, magfest, student
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