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  To kickoff the new year, Battle Gem Ponies is going to make some noise on Steam Greenlight! The turn-based pony RPG is back with some highly requested features like pony-surfing, capture mechanics, and a few new customizable moves. 

If you want to check out the newest build for yourself, just click the link below. If you'd like to see this game on Steam someday, be sure to give a thumbs up on the Greenlight page!

Vote for Battle Gem Ponies on Steam Greenlight!

Hi guys, Orange Adventure is now on Steam Greenlight, so if you love 90's platformers this is your opportunity to play a good tribute to the SNES and Sega Megadrive golden age.

In Orange Adventure you will find some great levels and art. Here's a sample:

Support this game here:

The demo for my funny Point & Click adventure game inspired by Broken Sword is now available on Steam! :)

Remember, Demetrios comes out in two weeks!

COWCAT May 17 '16 · Tags: demo, point and click, steam


Majotori is a narrative trivia with original and engaging questions focused on video games, cinema and animation. Your knowledge will determine the fate of the characters in a collection of branching tales.


You can download it for free here:

And we would appreciate if you gave us a vote on greenlight ;) 

5ro4 May 10 '16 · Tags: game, indie, greenlight, narrative, steam, trivia

Finally! I've set a release date for Demetrios, which will come out on May 31th on Steam and other platforms!

Be sure to add it to your wishlist if interested :)

COWCAT Apr 19 '16 · Tags: adventure, click, demetrios, point, steam

Finally, Demetrios has cover art!

I wanted something pretty that would convey the tone of the game. What do you think?

So, the release of the game is getting closer.

I'm planning to release Demetrios at the end of May! I'll give a precise release date soon :)

For more information on the recent game development, check out this Kickstarter update!

And So It Was, a mysterious mouse-driven action adventure, has been released on Steam!
Get it here:

A look at some of the temp sun faction unit production icons for the production bar that will be used until the final polished ones are finished.

A look at some of the temp sun faction unit production icons for the production bar that will be used until the final polished ones are finished.

The Demetrios game project has progressed quite a lot lately, so it's time for a quick update status!

Demetrios adventure game Nogo Hotel

First, the review demo has been fully translated to French. It's working great and it didn't take a long time to implement, so this definitely opens the possibility to new languages translations for the release :) 

The language (English or French) is automatically detected on startup, according to your operating system language. (NB : It can also be changed manually in the options)

Also, Mac and Linux exports have been officially added! 

I've corrected a few things, especially some performance issues : the game would slow down more and more as you'd play it, and this also made the Mac version crash often (memory leaks and such) Now it's fixed!

You can now download the preview version directly on the site (no email required anymore!) Also the Windows version now comes with an installer, and includes DirectX installation (some people had trouble with that)


Demetrios Demo download

The demo is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, right here.

I've got a whole lot more to talk about, as I've been having great progress lately - but I'll save that for later. Stay tuned! :)

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