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I'm here to present you Hell's Galaxy an indie 3D platformer where you have to just simply pass the level to get to the next one,the game is very hard and is perfect for someone who wants a good challenge,here try for yourself:

Hello ! I make Open World RPG game  - Tales of Heilotia.

Some of my ideas  are :

- Dynamic gameplay (day/night cycle)

- World that responds to your decisions ( You make your own destiny )

- Action based combat 

- No teleportation or cut-scenes. ( Pure exploration based, open environment  - go do what you want )

For more information please visit my website -

 You can also fallow on Twitter -

Facebook - 

At the moment there is some good progress done. I have created some environment, characters and more. 

Tales of Heilotia Alpha look -

Also if you would like to chat with me and give feedback or support me, you can visit -


Get your hooves on the newest version of the Pokemon inspired game about bejeweled horse altercations today! Battle Gem Ponies available for AndroidPC, Mac, and now Linux platforms!

This game works with touchscreens, mice/keyboard setups, and gamepads alike (and if not, tell me in the Bug Report Forums). Next update (6.0) will feature tons of little touches and activities to do in the overworld as well as a bunch of new ponies to battle with and capture. Thanks for keeping up with the game's development and enjoy playing BGP Demo 5.1!

You can download the latest BGP Build on!

We’re excited to announce our next game, People Eater, a top down procedurally generated rogue like bullet hell.


Deep underground in a secret, government facility, vicious, man-eating monster has escaped and is on the loose. And that monster is you. Rampage, devour,and dodge your way through endless procedurally generated levels of guards, machines, scientists, and destructible obstacles. Overcome harrowing boss fights and unlock up to 6 playable monsters and 50 upgrades.

Sate your hunger or die trying.


Here is some unedited gameplay


People Eater will be on Steam Greenlight August 19th.


More pics, vids, and info at  

Okay, so I know I am really bad about posting in this blog once a week. Unfortunately, my job has once again gotten in the way. Since my job is my only source of income, it's the one paying the bills. Enough of that for now!

I have made a little progress on Final Defender. Within the past couple of days, I have got a lot of art work done for the cut scene. Once I have the art work done, I can hard code it into the game. I also think that it would kind of cool idea to make a trailer for the game. By making a trailer, I would be venturing into uncharted territory. However, making one would be a great learning experience.

I still plan on having my late August deadline for the game's release. I feel that there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel now. There is still a lot of art work to be done as well. Unfortunately, that is all the time I have for now, I'm not sure if I can keep to the one post a week. However, I will continue to post regularly. Feel free to follow us on Twitter @wolfnetstudios because we follow back! Also, check out our website! Until next time guys, peace!



Imagine defying the law of gravity and turning the world upside down.
Play with gravity and change the orientation of the gravity with your powers, you play as the gravity god and you have to solve the puzzle and find a way to complete levels and unlock more exciting levels.

Gravity God is a fun and addictive game in that requires focus, concentration and precise timing to perform the right jump.

With one touch control you can change the gravity and control the whole universe.
Explore different levels and worlds with speeding sound with every next level.

You are just one tap away from these great powers.

Trailer -

Download Now -

VirtualEye Jul 16 '16 · Tags: gravity, gravity god, god, grav, grgod

Save And Destroy

A different tapping game experience where players not just rely on speed but also precision. So stay focused! Only destroy what needed to be destroyed and save what needed to be saved! Save and Destroy! 

Android -

iOS -


Hi guys, Orange Adventure is now on Steam Greenlight, so if you love 90's platformers this is your opportunity to play a good tribute to the SNES and Sega Megadrive golden age.

In Orange Adventure you will find some great levels and art. Here's a sample:

Support this game here:

Since earth worms don't like to read long texts:




We just finished our first game and would love your opinion on it (it's free of course): SpaceWorms is a game for 2 to 5 players (on a single computer) in which you launch rockets, conquer new planets, gather way too powerful upgrades, and shout at each other.
You play the game in turns (with real-time space rage), starting with an underdeveloped planet full of puny little worms in an overkrauted (we are from Wormany) solar system. Since rockets promise more fun than diplomacy (take that, Civilization!), you bomb each other to worm hell (except "wormagnostics") until only one worm people remains. But beware: These rockets will be influenced by the old nemesis of all what is worm: gravitilation(it's squared!). Choose your angle and initial speed wisely, for only then you will be the last worm crawling.

Do you have what it takes (at least one friend) to become ruler of all that is Worm?




Super Novel Collector is about Xander, a descendant of the last librarian of Alexandria - the man who is rumored
to have started the fire that destroyed the most complete literary collection in human history. He seeks to set
things right and restore the library to its former glory.

You will need to explore many exotic locations: castles, deserts, ice palaces and more, climbing ever higher to
retrieve the novel hidden at the summit and return it to the Library.

Each level is randomly generated, with the difficulty gradually increasing. The height of towers increases, new
enemies and challenges are introduced. Every novel you collect is unique with millions of possibilities. Armour
and weapons can be upgraded along the way for that extra, sharper edge.

CalculatorGames Jul 8 '16 · Tags: platform, 8-bit
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