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Latest Game Dev News, articles, tutorials, trends, etc..
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shysnake · Jun 21 '16
In Spy DNA tactical squad RPG live on Kickstarter
General Chat
Just about anything. If you want to spam our forum, this is the place
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SleepyMousegame · Aug 30 '16
In A cheese rolling challenge!!!
Introduce Yourself
Tells us about you, what you do, and where your going...
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qwexsugare · Aug 19
In Hi! I'm Vlad and I make a TCG newsletter
Suggest a Forum
Want a specific forum created to serve the community? Suggest it here.
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qwexsugare · Apr 17 '15
In What about a "Work in progress" forum
How to use this site
Have a question on how to use this site, rules, etc...ask here
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IanPrice · Mar 26 '15
In Best way to promote?
Adding a Game to the Arcade
Want to know how to add a game(s) to the Arcade?
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Lantar · Apr 10 '15
In Minik run
Development Topics Replies Last Reply
Just getting started? Looking for advice? Ask questions here.
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ArcadEd · Aug 9 '14
In Free Construct 2 Video Tutorials
HTML5 Game Devs
Discussions about development, engines, trends, etc...
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part12studios · Dec 1 '14
In Controller Quest for Ouya made with Construct 2 / Ouya HTML5 SDK
Everything Unity3D....
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jhocking · Jun 19 '15
In Unity in Action (intro book for programmers) is released!
Dev Tools and Resources
Software, Graphics, Music, any Developer Resource worth sharing....
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rluks · Dec 11 '16
In 3D model search engine
Graphics Designers
Graphics for Games, Free and Paid Post Here...
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Music Composers
Music for Games, Free and Paid Post Here...
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lusteinmann · Apr 9 '16
In Composer looking for devs to collaborate with
Have a game idea? Looking for feedback?
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TeamModjo · Jul 16
In Project ECHOZ -- action-adventure
Job Opprtunities
Have a Job opportunity, Post it Here...
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obry · Jun 4 '15
In Looking for iOS and Android game developers
Distribution and Publishing Topics Replies Last Reply
HTML5 Games
Talks about marketing and distribution platforms
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alieneaters · Aug 8 '14
In HTML5 Custom Ads
Indie Game Publishing
Discussions about publishers .vs self publishing
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Hansb · Jul 6 '16
In Publishing
Announce a Game
Announce what's for sale, free to play, or just show off your work....
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Monish_97 · Oct 30
In Grid: A fun puzzle game
Announce a Kickstarter
Promote your Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, or ask for donations to keep your project alive...
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smashthegamestate · Apr 30 '16
In Gamer Theory
Announce and Invite Developers to your Game Portal or Indie Publishing Services Here
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nida · Jun 16 '16
Engines / Frameworks Topics Replies Last Reply
Spark Game Engine
Discussion for Spark Game Engine
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tkapsali · Jul 17 '16
Haxe Framework for Games
Discussions for Haxe Game Development and Language
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gsarwohadi · Oct 7 '14
In Introduce Yourself