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doodledad Feb 11 '15


What's the best way to shamelessly promote a game here? A Blog post? Screen shots? A little bit of everything?

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Admin_Smith Feb 11 '15


Definitely a blog post and a little bit of everything.

Is it a finished game or a project still under development?  

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doodledad Mar 26 '15

As of this moment, it's finally complete. Just need to upload the game to Play Store

I'll announce it as soon as it's approved!

Admin_Smith Mar 26 '15

Welcome and Post in our Forum or a Blog Post. Your post wont last long in the timeline. When you make a blog post it automatically adds to the timeline. Then you give us a physical page we can promote across all our channels. Add pics, description, and links.

Hope you'll be active on our site interacting with other developers. and making frequent posts in video, Blogs, and our forums.

IanPrice Mar 26 '15

Definitely always a bit of everything. The more you show, the more interest you can generate, in general. Interacting with people is also good, because people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

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