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Monish_97 Jul 12 '16

MAD Entertainment brings to you a new casual puzzle game GRID.

How to Play:

Observe changing patterns in a small grid and try to recreate these patterns in the main grid of squares. Easy right?
The real fun begins when things start to rotate.

Three different game modes:

Time Mode: Battle against the clock and try to keep it alive as long as you keep scoring. Try to score as much as you can before the time runs out.

Death Mode: One wrong step and the game is over. Don't forget the clock is always ticking.

Mirror Mode: Want more challenge? Try to recreate the pattern but in reverse. Think there is a mirror between both the grids. Use your imagination.

Challenge your own score and try to make it better, OR challenge your friends and try to beat them in leaderboard.
That's it..!! Grab your device and top the list of scorers.


Download the game HERE and please give us your feedback.

DarkForestCrow Jul 15 '16

That's a nice game. Hope you wont stop and create more.

Monish_97 Oct 30
Quote from DarkForestCrow

That's a nice game. Hope you wont stop and create more.

Yes Im trying my best to sustain in the game development world. :)