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alieneaters Aug 8 '14

Hey Guys,

So I've been throwing around this idea for custom ads which sponsors could bid on, sort of like Project Wonderful. The programming setup is very simple and has been tested. I was thinking though how applicable would this be on the current market?


NakedGameTalk Aug 8 '14

Sounds really interesting. Do you have something that you can show yet? A website?

alieneaters Aug 8 '14

Nope, I only did the barebones requirements. Right now all there is requesting video ads(with 3d rotation, special effects, etc.) and banner ads according to available resources. There is right now no payment system or website implemented but the integration is done. I've got extensions on game maker, construct 2, and unity plus plain javascript extension to be implanted on any game engine. The main thing stopping me from doing this is the money aspects as my financial system isn't doing the best right now.

Thanks for the feedback!

NakedGameTalk Aug 8 '14

Keep me posted. I've got every dime going into this site and other projects, so I know how it is. I'm going hungry to my projects happen this summer but would like to help. I was hoping to launch an arcade this weekend but our tech provider is down and I can't even contact the other developers who provide 3rd resources for our system. Going to let Game Developers run their own ads until we have enough content. Then I'd like to implement something that lets me do 30/70 split with devs getting 70%. I'm also looking at best Best Arcade's solution.

alieneaters Aug 8 '14

I'm thinking about trying to get it crowdfunded or have an angel investor.

EDIT: Or maybe even a partnership.

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