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TeamModjo Jul 22 '16



Hello, we're Team Modjo and we want present you our first project. :cool:smiley

Project ECHOZ is an action-adventure game, where the player is taking over the role of little Opus, who, with his companion, has to master the seemingly simplest task of the world … saving mankind.
He has to destroy the cursed phantoms and guardians to free the human echoz. But saving mankind can be interpreted in many ways, which happens to be the case with Salus, Opus' opponent.Salus wants to stop him at any cost, because according to him Opus will destroy mankind rather than save it. In the end faith will determine who's superior...

It's made with Unity3D and Blender.

Here is the trailer:


And here are a few pictures:


We would be very happy if you give us a like and tell us your opinion. :)smiley




~Team Modjo

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TeamModjo Jul 26 '16

Meeting the guardians

That are the guardians Testodio and Serpes. One battle will take place in the water, the other in the air.
All in all we planned 15 guardians with different areas, which are adjusted to them. Like the blood swamp hell or the paradise of Cervinus :):)


TeamModjo Aug 14 '16

Working on a guradian :)


TeamModjo Aug 27 '16

A peaceful guardian :P



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TeamModjo Sep 18 '16

This guardian is not that friendly ...


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TeamModjo Oct 3 '16

Spiders in games are always awesome >: )


TeamModjo Oct 9 '16
In Echoz you can't reset your death... If you die, the character remains dead. But there are possibilities to continue...
TeamModjo Nov 11 '16

Phantoms with candies and neon are pretty smashing...



TeamModjo Nov 20 '16

Angel-like (Opus-Style)

TeamModjo Feb 17

We have adapted Opus' look a bit...




That's what we call heart...




A small university project...


TeamModjo Jul 15

Echoz will be reconditioned. We have a few new ideas for the style, Opus for an example. However, this is still a rough version. He will get more details. We also want to make the surroundings a little more creepy, when we have enough time to take care of it :)




TeamModjo Jul 16



Also the other characters get new textures, so that they fit better into the game world.