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Why develop a story mode for FIFA 17?

It’s a side of football we have never been able to showcase before and is something we have wanted to do for several years - give the player the experience of living a professional football career on and off the pitch. We have done an amazing job of recreating football through gameplay but up until now we have never ‘peeked behind the curtain’ and brought to life what happens off the pitch. fifa 17 ultimate team coinsThat side of the game has become more known about in recent years through social media and the countless number of websites devoted to the sport. Fans can digest football 24/7 and have a window into footballer's lives outside of matches that just wasn't available before. FIFA 17 UT CoinsI think it’s a side of football people are very interested in now and it's a great opportunity to really innovate in FIFA 17.
  • Created: Jul 6 '16
  • Admin: zzxxcc

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