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In a momentous national survey today, 61 percent of Australians voted for the country to adopt marriage equality today, simultaneously empowering thousands upon thousands of people to be legally recognized in their relationships with their loved ones, and robbing us in the United States of one of our few remaining pillars of moral superiority over pretty much any other English-speaking country in the world.

Of course, we all know that events of national importance don’t really happen until a celebrity acknowledges them via Twitter. Luckily for the people of Australia, America was willing to lend out one of its few remaining competitive advantages in honor of the event today, offering up some of our many famous people’s thumbs to acknowledge the matrimonial milestone. (In recompense, the celebrities were allowed to make some silly Australian accent puns, and bust out their favorite rainbow-colored emojis.)

And, okay, it wasn’t just Americans, either:

Of course, plenty of other, non-famous people were also out in droves online today to celebrate the news, cheering on a change that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he intends to institute before the end of the year. Meanwhile, there are still those in the country who vocally oppose the bill, and have pledged to continue to do so, no matter what the Australian government—or the far more powerful entity known as Ellen DeGeneres—has to say about it.

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