Space in Everspace isn't some pitch-black abyss, darkness peppered with starlight. From the bright glare of suns and nebulae to the colored tails of homing missiles and arcs of lightning in energy fields, the galactic battlefields of Everspace are dense with color and chaos, as you fight against enemy squadrons and looming permadeath.

Combining intense dogfights inspired by Freespace, with the randomly generated thrills of the roguelite, Everspace drops your fighter into large environments to explore, scavenge, and fight: rocky planet rings, thick ice chunk fields, ship graveyards, amid orbiting stations and vessels. Your goal is to travel between jump gates, gathering fuel and fighting off foes while your jump recharges. Finding supply caches can provide you with powerful new weapons, abilities, and other loot to wield, and you'll need them, as Everspace's battles are fast and relentless

Survival is all about evasive moment and persistent firepower, unleashing swarms of swirling missiles and thick lasers to cut through shields and hulls. Danger can and will through tense wrenches in your plans, whether it's energy draining fields around dead ships to the capital ships warping in, dwarfing your fighter in size and firepower. You'll need to fly defly, aim precisely, and unlock perks post-battle to gain an advantage over threats.

Everspace is available for $29.99 on Steam, Humble, GoG, and Xbox One.

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