Backcountry racing, futuristic battles, and dungeon melees all have a place in this week's collection of Screenshot Saturday Highlights.

RatTower | PC | 2018
In the deep caverns and dark corridors within Lysandria, you wield steel and shield against the roaming monsters of Monomyth. Directional combat, spells, ranged weapons, deadly traps, and enemy rivalries offer different strategies to survive the game's real-time dungeon crawling.

Monolith of Minds
Resolutiion | PC, Mac, Linux | Late 2018
Inspired by the Zelda games, Monolith of Minds is an action adventure set in a ruined mental landscape, a myserious world of flesh and ancient architecture to fight and explore across.

The Underground King
Alex Nechita | PC
The Underground King promises an unusual hybrid of genres, blending racing, management sim, and narrative driven RPG in the world of street racing. Put together a ramshackle vehicle, win races, explore, upgrade states, gather loot, and more.

Battlesloths 2025
Invisible Collective | PC, Mac, Linux
The sloths of Battlesloths aren't the cute slow creatures you're familiar with. They're fast, aggressive, and wielding all manner of explosive weaponry, either in four player multiplayer chaos or in battle against AI-controlled enemies

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