The Letter is a horror visual novel that uses dynamic backgrounds and characters combined with sharp audio cues to execute a terrifying experience, having the player join seven people trapped inside a haunted mansion due to a mysterious letter that cries out for help.

The biggest mistake I made with the demo of The Letter was wearing headphones. Within the first 20 seconds, I chickened out of the 'heightened' experience. Through the demo, you'll be playing as Isabella, a realtor trying to show off the Ermengarde mansion to potential buyers. Inside the mansion, you'll be given a very blood-curdling choice about a pair of sickening feet, and depending on what you do, a different take on a horrible situation awaits. There's definitely some images that I won't be able to wash away from my mind in that sequence.

One of the biggest drawing points of The Letter is the gut-wrenching, but impressive, art style. The images aren't static either - characters will move and change position if the situation calls for it. There's also movement present in the backgrounds, which breathes life into the visual novel.

The Letter is a huge game, offering branching choices, relationships and quick time events (that are optional for players who may not enjoy the pressure of QTEs). With a 500,000 word count, The Letter will have lots of replay-ability to clear all the endings. Fans of horror visual novels likeCorpse Party or Mad Father will be at home in the bone-chilling experience The Letter will offer.

For more information on The Letter, check out their Steam and page. You can also follow them on Twitter and YouTube.

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