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Posted: Jul 13 has a damning review of the new Final Fantasy Title from MZ (formerly Machine Zone). Its summary is that it is a machine for separating players from their money, much like their previo...
Posted: May 23
If you pay attention to the icons of games in the top grossing charts on the AppStore, you will have noticed the Shouty Men in Hats phenomenon.   For a while, all the top grossing strategy games ...
Posted: Apr 21
The BBC today ran a story about how to avoid the Hippo. The Hippo is the highest paid person’s opinion. It’s extremely dangerous. That person may not actually know the most, or be in posit...
Posted: Mar 20
This was supposed to be a reading list at the end of 2016. But life got in the way (those of you who know me IRL may know that I got flooded out of my house by an exploding sewer on Brexit day. We hop...
Posted: Mar 13
In their latest regulatory round-up, law firm Osborne Clarke points out that Germany, Italy and Spain will soon be joining the UK, Canada, France and many US states in offering tax breaks to developer...
Posted: Feb 21
This is a fascinating interview from PCGamer with a Hearthstone superfan called Nick who spent $3,400 on Hearthstone cards in a single evening. It’s an enlightening canter through the motivations and ...
Posted: Feb 16
Back in 2010, I wrote a blog post setting out how I expected the industry to develop over the next decade. In the end, the games industry will polarise into these three segments (can you polarise into...
Posted: Feb 14
Over at MobileDevMemo, Eric Seufert has written an extremely useful post on working with a publisher for your free-to-play game. In particular, he highlights that a publisher should be able to commit ...
Posted: Feb 13
I’ve been dealing with a number of clients recently who have challenges scaling their game. The game is good, the clients say, but we just need more scale. That is true, to a point. There is a virtuou...
Posted: Feb 3
There is an old saying that a non-disclosure agreement is not worth the paper it’s written on: secrets are hard to protect, and despite the best efforts of lawyers to get you to sign away all your rig...
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