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Posted: Yesterday, 16:13
Co-Founder of Designers of Things Conference replaces Meggan Scavio; Victoria Petersen also named Lead Conference Manager
Posted: Yesterday, 14:49
Executive vice president roles see Clark take greater role in publishing as Creative Assembly studio director Heaton gains wider influence
Posted: Yesterday, 14:30
The industry's evolving relationship with death is a sure sign of the medium's maturity
Posted: Yesterday, 13:35
Raconteur Games founder Nicholas Laborde offers some pertinent advice for his peers: stop mouthing off on Twitter and let your games do the talking
Posted: Yesterday, 10:09
GTA V had its best month ever, and Honor of Kings continued to dominate mobile with $150 million in revenue
Posted: Yesterday, 09:31
More than 100 charities have benefited, with $9.1 million raised in 2017 so far
Posted: Yesterday, 08:26
Four years of work on Burning Crusade server brought to an end within five hours of launch
Posted: Jul 24
The London-based esports firm has acquired the American esports services company for $2.7m
Posted: Jul 24
Dan O'Brien and Joel Breton say Vive met its targets for the first year, AAA games are on the way, and solutions in sight for wireless/nausea/latency problems
Posted: Jul 24
Dishonored creative director Harvey Smith offers advice on how to create a distinct and memorable fictional universe
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