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The payment division is in charge of the central and highly prevalent payment platform, via which all Gameforge games process the purchasing of game currency or playing time. It links the games to ...
Posted: Aug 19
Ubisoft is a leading producer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products worldwide and has grown considerably through a strong and diversified line-up of products and ...
Posted: Aug 18
Granola Studios is a VR animation studio on the mission to change entertainment and storytelling as we know it. We are looking for a Game Developer with great Unreal expertise to help our team to ...
Posted: Aug 18
About the Data Analyst position We are looking for a Data Analyst who will help us turning data into information, getting insights and developing business decisions based on the analysis ...
Posted: Aug 18
About the Flash Actionscript Developer position We are looking for a skilled Game Developer who will help us create high quality game experiences for our loyal fans and players. You should be able ....
Posted: Aug 18
About the Game Developer position We are looking for a skilled Game Developer who will help us translate game ideas into code on a fast moving environment. You will be involved in various aspects of ...
Posted: Aug 18
As Project Manager Marketing & Corporate Design you are the interface between Marketing & Corporate Design and most adjacent departments of InnoGames. You are responsible for in time ...
Posted: Aug 18
As (Junior) Performance Marketing Manager – RTA you are part of the team in charge of managing and developing campaigns in our Demand Side Platforms. You will play a key role in the ...
Posted: Aug 17
Your role @ Travian Games: You share the work of determining the design and look of art assets that meet all the technical and aesthetic requirements of the project. You collaborate closely with ...
Posted: Aug 17
Your role @ Travian Games: Running the entire IT infrastructure (private cloud, TCP/IP network, provisioning tools, virtualization) with more than 1,700 virtual servers Monitoring, optimizing ...
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