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Posted: Yesterday, 22:44
The actor's cameo serves as a small nod to his role in the 1969 war film Battle of Britain.
Posted: Yesterday, 22:14
In an effort to keep the franchise relevant, James Cameron is discussing the possibility of updating Terminator with a trio of films.
Posted: Yesterday, 21:17
Minecraft: Switch Edition can now output at a 1080p resolution when placed in the Switch Dock.
Posted: Yesterday, 20:19
Bluehole Inc. will be bringing the first ever PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds LAN competition to Gamescom, with a $350,000 prize pool.
Posted: Yesterday, 19:01
Cheering for competitive teams could get you in-game rewards.
Posted: Yesterday, 19:00
The latest update to GTA Online adds a wild new Adversary mode, a classic sports car, and updates in-game bonuses and discounts.
Posted: Yesterday, 18:29
From Ready Player One to Skyrim on Switch and The Walking Dead, we look at the biggest stories from SDCC.
Posted: Yesterday, 16:52
The show follows the misadventures of a hard-drinking princess, and her demon and elf companions.
Posted: Yesterday, 05:28
A round-up of IGN's favourite matches from the Aussie and New Zealand Esports scene in the last week.
Posted: Yesterday, 04:52
This year's Gamescom will be 20% bigger than last year's.
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