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Posted: Yesterday, 11:00
Moore’s Law is still in full-swing since Gordon Moore first made his now-famous observation in 1965. Technology continues to change at a nearly breakneck pace – not only getting smaller and faster, bu...
Posted: Oct 14
“Diversity” and “Ukraine” were actively mentioned in one sentence around the time of Eurovision 2017, where “Celebrate Diversity” was the official slogan of the sho...
Posted: Oct 13
Casual Connect has always been about educating game developers to keep them at the top of their game. Recently, Computer Games Association, Casual Connect’s parent organization, unveiled their United ...
Posted: Oct 10
Indie Prize and Casual Connect are returning to Kyiv in Ukraine this month! Here are a few of the finalists that will compete in Indie Prize from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Russia and Moldova. T...
Posted: Oct 10
Indie Developers from Northwestern countries in Europe including one team representing each of these countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland and The Netherlands will compete at the 20th Indie Prize which ...
Posted: Oct 9
The Ukraine is bringing a wide variety of games to participate in Indie Prize at Casual Connect in Kyiv. They range through the genres from point-and-click adventures, shooters, puzzles games and a ga...
Posted: Oct 8
Two participants from Argentina and one participant from Canada will join the competition at Casual Connect Kyiv and Indie Prize. The two excitingly different games from Argentina is represented at In...
Posted: Oct 6
Switzerland is being represented by two participants in Indie Prize Kyiv during Casual Connect Kyiv. One explores the possibilities of the VR headset. The other offers game choices leading to many dif...
Posted: Oct 3
Four developers from Poland will be participating in the 20th Indie Prize at Casual Connect Kyiv 2017. The games require skills in racing, shooting, agility, determination and even friendship. To win ...
Posted: Oct 3
Over 1,000 games industry professionals are expected to turn out for Casual Connect Kyiv on October 24-26. During the conference’s Market Navigation track, they can expect to receive actionable insigh...
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