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Posted: Yesterday, 13:48
In this blog post we share our thoughts on the development of Dynasty Feud and why we think the game did not work. We comment on several issues, from the current state of the industry to how our marke...
Posted: Yesterday, 13:47
Our senses can only capture sliver of reality. We must constantly fill in blanks in our knowledge to properly create a mental image of the world. This processes of filling in gaps is really important ...
Posted: Yesterday, 13:47
Now two months after launching TumbleSeed we’ve had enough time to ponder what went wrong and have put together an update to address it.
Posted: Yesterday, 13:44
The text is about E3 and how to control the rumour mill by understanding how expectations and anticipations work from a narrative constructor´s perspective and what happens when the cognitive vehicle ...
Posted: Yesterday, 13:43
Inform both your players and your own design by knowing how to define your game to yourself.
Posted: Yesterday, 13:43
Genital Jousting is a popular and somewhat shocking game about penises penetrating each other. The developers weigh in on why they are making it and their anxieties about possibly making a bad sex gam...
Posted: Yesterday, 13:43
A tangent-free, short (for me) practical example of applied system design on a fundamental game element: projectiles.
Posted: Jun 22
To make The Mixture you need to know what effects will it have - same with the game. Define what it will be about, from the basics, keep it simple. To create a game you need to have The Recipe - a Gam...
Posted: Jun 22
Thimbleweed Park: The Town. A look at a novel approach in open-world city design (and planning) for 2D adventure games.
Posted: Jun 22
Sharing our experiences as an early stage VR developer that was lucky enough to have our first VR game featured as a HTC Vive release title, and the challenges and controversy we faced along the way.
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