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Posted: Yesterday, 22:00
A popular modding tool may come back from the brink Rockstar has issued a statement through its support knowledge base solidifying their support for user-created mods of its games. “Rockstar Games be...
Posted: Yesterday, 21:30
For a time, top cops considered Gary Gygax himself to be armed and dangerous Newly released documents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) shed light on what the nation’s top cops thought o...
Posted: Yesterday, 21:00
See Sega’s stylish Sonic slip-ons Sonic the Hedgehog turns 26 today, an age accompanied with little fanfare. A Twitter account dedicated to his birthday does have a list of ways to help fans celebrate...
Posted: Yesterday, 20:30
The new book hits shelves this month Prey is a game anchored in a remarkable sense of place. In The Art of Prey, a collaboration between developer Arkane Studios and Dark Horse Books, you can explore ...
Posted: Yesterday, 20:15
Start racking up the coins again Pokémon Go’s revamped gyms remain a work in progress, as trainers are quickly discovering. It appears that Niantic is keeping an eye on early critiques of the features...
Posted: Yesterday, 18:00
The War Games arrives next week Titanfall 2’s sixth add-on, The War Games, will bring in two new maps and a game-changing feature when it launches June 27, developer Respawn Entertainment announced th...
Posted: Yesterday, 17:44
Coming first to PlayStation 4 Activision will release a stand-alone version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered — available both physically and digitally — on June 27. The game will be availabl...
Posted: Yesterday, 17:30
A postmortem reflects on difficulty critiques, tries to make amends Roly-poly roguelike TumbleSeed has its fans, but the game didn’t turn out to be the success that developer aeiowu had hoped it’d be....
Posted: Yesterday, 16:40
The rest of us have to keep waiting You can now check out Raid Battles, Pokémon Go’s cooperative multiplayer feature — but only if you’re good enough. Players level 35 and up can start taking down sup...
Posted: Yesterday, 16:30
Updating a classic Czech studio Amanita Design has updated Machinarium, one of the most beloved and acclaimed graphic adventure games of the past decade, refreshing it with major new features like a n...
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