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Posted: Dec 2
Alex Rose, developer of Super Rude Bear Resurrection (and several other games about bears with poor manners), is kicking off worldwide game jam Ludum Dare 40 with a keynote offering sage Latin tips an...
Posted: Oct 31
Amid graveyards and decrepit hamlet alleys, skillful hunters brave the oppressive darkness in search of monsters. Very much inspired by Bloodborne and XCOM, Alder's Blood presents a bloody hand-drawn ...
Posted: Oct 31
Bleak fantasy worlds, fast paced arcade action, shadowy dungeons, vibrant mythical adventures, and more can all be found in this collection of Screenshot Saturday games. MOCT Egor Botov | PC A co-...
Posted: Oct 31
Bury Me, My Love follows the journey of a Syrian immigrant, Nour, as she makes her way from Syria to Europe. However, it is conveyed through text messages between her and her husband, Majd, with playe...
Posted: Oct 29
The life of a praying mantis may not seem like a hard one to a human, but empathize! What if the one you loved the most wanted to bite your head off? Don't Make Love puts players in the daunting posit...
Posted: Oct 28
Knight Terrors's heroic knight armor has no time for your faffing about, keeping up constant forward momentum as it tries to cut down every demon, skeleton, zombie, and horror in its path down a seemi...
Posted: Oct 27
Players will get to feel an intimate connection with the sickening, pulsating growths all over the gloomy, disease-ridden city they explore in Organ Quarter. However, the growths and masses of flesh a...
Posted: Oct 25
Spanish developer Milkstone Studios are quite prolific creators: in the last 8 years, they have released 30 games on different platforms. Their latest releases are console ports of asymmetric multipla...
Posted: Oct 25
The law wants to bring you down as you ride a train across the sunset-stained landscapes of the old west. Savor this striking pixel view for as long as you can, as the forces of order are limitless, a...
Posted: Oct 23
Physics-heavy skateboarding, text-driven adventure, time-spanning journey...all those and other genres share the page in this collection of Screenshot Saturday Highlights. Session Crea-ture Studios...
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