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Posted: May 28
Space in Everspace isn't some pitch-black abyss, darkness peppered with starlight. From the bright glare of suns and nebulae to the colored tails of homing missiles and arcs of lightning in energy fie...
Posted: May 25
Kitsune Games' MidBoss is a traditional roguelike with a twist: possess your fallen foes. You start out as a lowly imp, the weakest of all dungeon dwellers, but nobody wants to be a minion, right? So ...
Posted: May 24
Empathy: Path of Whispers places you in an abandoned, crumbling world, but hints that it was not always like this. The bleak place teems with lost memories that hide behind the gray stone and dirt-sta...
Posted: May 23
The Letter is a horror visual novel that uses dynamic backgrounds and characters combined with sharp audio cues to execute a terrifying experience, having the player join seven people trapped inside a...
Posted: May 23
Claybook is a physics-based game where you can control a blob of clay that morphs into different objects to solve the puzzles in each chapter. It's very realistic in that as you roll around, you get s...
Posted: May 23
The good news: you inherited a castle! The bad news: the place is a ruin. The inifinitely worse news: you also inherited a massive, crushing debt. Time to get to work, rebuild the place, and somehow p...
Posted: May 23
If you've ever wanted to grab a drink that was just a bit out of reach, you know of the pain of Grab the Bottle. Putting you in everyday situations where that drink is just a little bit out of the way...
Posted: May 23
Backcountry racing, futuristic battles, and dungeon melees all have a place in this week's collection of Screenshot Saturday Highlights. Monomyth RatTower | PC | 2018 In the deep caverns and dark ...
Posted: May 22
EMPORIUM looks to take the player on a short, emotionally-harrowing journey through personal tragedy. It offers a series of bleak moments sprinkled with a handful of choices, having players join with ...
Posted: May 19
There was a time when off-road and unorthodox sports games were quite common, from BMX and dirt biking to wakeboarding. So in some ways, the dirt tracks and cliffside paths of Lonely Mountains: Downhi...
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