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Posted: within 1 minute
One of the main messages that prominent Republicans are required to try and push on the American people is that Donald Trump is a smart person who fully understands every single thing going on in the ...
Posted: 46 minutes ago
SpongeBob SquarePants is currently the longest running series on Nickelodeon and the second longest running animated kid’s series on television (behind Arthur), amassing over 200 serialized episodes a...
Posted: 47 minutes ago
Talk about déjà vu. Like an ornery weatherman stuck living the same day over and over again, ticket-buyers trudged again to their local theater and, for the third time this year, made a horror film fr...
Posted: 59 minutes ago
Inspired by the people coming forward with their stories about sexual assault in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Björk decided to share an account of the harassment she faced during her brief f...
Posted: one hour ago
The last time Jeff Daniels led a TV series, he was given to all kinds of pontificating (well, his character was, and even then, those were just Aaron Sorkin’s words). But in the first trailer for Stev...
Posted: one hour ago
Bill O’Reilly may be disgraced and unemployed, but he’s still got bad takes to share. Since being ousted from Fox News earlier this year, he’s kept busy with a self-broadcasted vlog while also issuing...
Posted: one hour ago
Mindhunter (series premiere): C- | Jane The Virgin (season premiere): B+ | Z Nation: A- | Marvel’s Inhumans: B- | Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (season premiere): A- | DuckTales: B+ | Halt And Catch Fire: A | S...
Posted: one hour ago
Welcome back to AVC Sessions, our series where we bring in an artist, band, musician, singer, rapper, etc. to perform three of their own tracks. For this round, we welcomed to the studio Canadian punk...
Posted: one hour ago
Most of us would love to have a signature move named after us, especially one tied to a delightful, fun-filled dance that practically anyone can do. But after 20 years, let’s say, that signature move ...
Posted: one hour ago
Throughout Trump’s presidential campaign, it was a source of delight to watch the way he mangled the English language, his sentences an un-diagrammable monstrosity of errant phrases and go-nowhere asi...
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